Bluesun opens its hotels in anticipation of the first extended weekend in June

Hotels in Brela, Tučepi and Bol will open on June 10, in anticipation of the first extended weekend of the month, Bluesun reports, adding that given the situation and the delay of the season, ...

Hotels in Brela, Tučepi and Bol open on June 10, in anticipation of the first extended weekend of the month, Bluesun reports, adding that due to the situation and the delay of the season, a hotel is opening in each of these destinations to begin with.

In Brela it is BSH Berulia, in Tučepi BSH Alga, in Bol BSH Elaphusa, and BSH Amor in Supetar was opened on June 6. In the meantime, the Bluesun camp Paklenica in Starigrad Paklenica was opened on May 27, and on May 29, BSH Kaj in Marija Bistrica reopened its doors to guests.

All guests who have booked other Bluesun hotels in these destinations, regardless of price range, are accommodated in these four most popular hotels, and other hotels in the destinations will open gradually, in accordance with market requirements, we expect that it is early July, stand out from Bluesun.

Booking recovery

Until the beginning of March, the state of reservations for the season was the same as in the same period in 2019, but they will slow down visibly in the middle of the month, BlueSun points out when asked about the state of reservations, adding that at the end of April July, August and September, and from the end of May, the market is visibly recovering - in order to further stimulate this trend, an additional 20% discount has been introduced for the opening of hotels. 

Stjepko Sosic, Director of Revenue Management, Bluesun Hotels & Resorts

"After June 15, when the border regime in some of our emitting markets should be defined, ie relaxed, with the arrival of real summer and school holidays, we expect a larger influx of families with children who make up the majority of our guests in the heart of the season. By the way, the first results of the action we placed before the opening of the hotel are encouraging and give us the right to believe that the peak of the season will look much better than predicted. In order to meet the needs of our guests to the maximum, we have facilitated the conditions of reservations and changes to existing reservations. " expires Stjepko Sosic, revenue management director, Bluesun Hotels & Resorts, and adds that so far the reservations are dictated by the situation in air traffic. 

Namely, they now come in large numbers from the market from which guests can come by car - primarily from Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Hungary and of course - Croatia. 

We expect an influx of reservations from traditional markets - Germany and Scandinavia in July, after the stabilization of air traffic, he says Leo Urlić, Sales and Marketing Director, Bluesun Hotels & Resorts, adds: “This season will be shorter with a strong trend last minute reservation, which is expected, because although guests want to book, they are still waiting for the situation to stabilize. The positive thing is that our regular long-term guests come in increasing numbers and book vacations, and guests from the area waiting for concessions, intensively call and interest for our destinations. "

The number of domestic guests is expected to increase

Given the different epidemiological situation in the emitting markets and the fact that some of them are exclusively related to the air traffic that is just being established, this year Bluesun is counting on domestic guests in a larger number.

"That's why we have adjusted the opening date of hotels in destinations to encourage them to take advantage of the extended weekend and open the season, and we invite them to take advantage of the second extended weekend at the end of June in our destinations." he pointed out Stjepko Sosic, Director of Revenue Management, Bluesun Hotels & Resorts.

Adjustments in business due to a pandemic

As far as the work of hotel restaurants and external hotel facilities is concerned, all measures prescribed by the teaching PHI will be respected and all points stated will be acted upon, regardless of whether they are measures or recommendations. Protective equipment and facilities are provided for all employees and guests.

Ivana Kralj, Head of Quality Management, Hotel Operations Division, Bluesun Hotels & Resorts

"We will adjust the way meals are served, in order to respect the number of guests who, given the new measures - may stay in hotel restaurants at the same time by organizing two so-calledsitting for each meal. Between them, mandatory disinfection of space and inventory will be carried out. As far as the preparation and serving of food is concerned, it has so far been prepared according to strict measures prescribed by HACCP, and additional disinfection measures have been introduced in kitchens and areas where food is stored.. ”He emphasizes Ivana Kralj, Head of Quality Management, Hotel Operations Division, Bluesun Hotels & Resorts.

Also, all prescribed measures of the CNIPH will be implemented in the pools. "Deckchairs will be located at the prescribed distance, instructions on mandatory keeping of space will be placed everywhere in visible places, we will make sure that a moderate number of guests stay in the pool. Before entering the pools, showering is mandatory, as well as disinfection of hands and feet. Drinks will continue to be served at the pools, of course with the prescribed distance measures and hygienic-epidemiological measures and recommendations of the CNIPH.. ”Concludes the King. 

Bluesun Hotel Alga in Tučepi becomes the first certified bike hotel in the chain

BlueSun further boasted that their hotel Alga in Tučepi is the first certified bike hotel in the chain.

As of this season, as announced at the beginning of the article, a bike zone is opening at the Bluesun Hotel Alga in Tučepi, where a special focus is on an active holiday program with an emphasis on cycling. The hotel offers a separate hall with the possibility of indoor cycling with the most modern trainers, and in addition to the classic bike rental, we also offer electric bike rental.

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