Bol is the first island town in the Split-Dalmatia County to provide an antigen testing service for guests

The Tourist Board of Bol has provided a point for rapid antigen testing for all tourists to Bol on Brač. In order to enable its guests a more pleasant and safe stay in Bol, the Tourist Board ...

The Tourist Board of Bol has provided a point for rapid antigen testing for all tourists to Bol on Brač.

In order to enable our guests a pleasant and safe stay in Bol, Bol Tourist Board arranged a special point for rapid antigen testing. The point was agreed in cooperation with General Practice of Dr. Markica Tomić, and is operational as of today (Tuesday, April 13, 2021).

Thanks to them, visitors will very quickly have information whether it is COVID-19 or some other respiratory infection. Pain is also the first island town in the Split-Dalmatia County, which provided an antigen testing service, which is another indicator of the responsibility of this place and serious preparations for the upcoming season.

"The registration protocol is to come to the clinic and report to the doctor before the trip, and this applies to those tourists who need a quick antigen test to cross the border. During April, most tourism workers will be vaccinated, and the local population is expected to be vaccinated by 50% by the end of May.", States the director of the Tourist Board of Bol, Markito Marinkovic.

What is important for all tourists is of course safety, but also to know that the destination has a test point for Covid19, because it is quite certain that negative tests will be required to return. It is also crucial that guests know the cost of testing so they can plan their trip. The Bol Tourist Board points out that the price of the test with translation will be 250 kuna.

When asked what the expectations are for this year's season, Marinkovic points out that there is interest and concrete reservations, but that it is difficult to plan anything while the borders are closed. At the destination, everyone is ready and they have implemented all the safe protocols, as well as a testing point for all tourists. “There are concrete reservations for the main season (July and August), while there are inquiries for June, but the last minute is awaited. Of course, everything depends on the current epidemiological situation in Croatia and the surrounding countries. The most important thing is that we as a destination are ready and that we have implemented all security protocols”Concludes Marinković.

The fact that the communication in the field was done with all stakeholders shows that the work was done properly. Thus, Brač Airport is on standby, and currently has announced flights from Ljubljana, Düsseldorf, Zagreb, Vienna and Linz. 

"Flights are adapting to the epidemiological situation, and the start of air traffic is expected in the second half of May", Said the director of the Airport, Mr. Tonči Peović, and added that testing for Covid antigen tests will be organized at the invitation of the tour operator or the airline.

It is planned for the end of April opening of the first Bol hotels, in which they will be available to guests face masks, and all necessary and defined epidemiological measures and protocols will be implemented. 

The unique beach Zlatni rat, 500 meters long, is one of the few that, with full respect for epidemiological measures, can accommodate about 2500 bathers. The beach will be regular disinfect deck chairs, and bathers will have at their disposal disinfectants and a distance of 2 m between the deck chairs is provided.

In any case, the most important thing is to arrange the logistics and infrastructure in the field and, as in the case of Bol on Brač, clearly communicate all security protocols, the testing point and the cost of testing. This is the first prerequisite for opening up to tourism, as well as “personal hygiene” before any campaign in emitting markets. Bravo for the proactivity of Bol on the island of Brač.

Photo: TZ Bol

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