There is a growing awareness of the environmental impact of travel. More and more travelers are turning to sustainable forms of travel, a leading digital travel platform, has used its latest research to uncover an increasingly popular trend of increased desire for more sustainable travel, meaning we can expect to ..., a leading digital travel platform, has used its latest research to uncover an increasingly popular trend increased desire for more sustainable travel, which means that we can expect that travelers in 2021 and beyond, when it is safe to travel again, will be more environmentally conscious.

Research data show the pandemic has affected passengers in the context of turning more and more surviving forms of travel and how passengers became aware of their own impact on the environment i local communities.

More than half of passengers from all over the world (53%), but also as many as 49% of passengers from Croatia admit that due to coronavirus they want to travel more sustainably, and travelers from Colombia (74%), Brazil (71%) and India (70%) are particularly committed to this plan.

Travelers have become more aware of the need for sustainable travel and are now considering the steps needed to make it happen, no matter how small they may be, to ensure that they, too, participate in efforts to protect the planet.

Thus, 57% of travelers from Croatia plan to bypass the crowded tourist attractions, and it is interesting that half of the passengers worldwide 51% will not travel during the peak season. 53% of passengers from Croatia will visit alternative destinations to avoid creating excessive crowds at destinations.

But travelers don’t just consider carefully choosing a destination, they also think about how their travels can leave longer lasting regenerative effect and truly help rebuild local communities.'s research reveals that 70% of travelers from Croatia want the money they spend on travel to benefit local communities. Also, 41% * of them plan to support local communities and the local economy with more thoughtful travel decisions, and 43% of travelers around the world share this view.

An environmentally conscious way of thinking will shape passenger behavior as soon as they arrive at a destination, as evidenced by the fact that travelers from all over the world are determined to behave sustainably. research shows that 81% of travelers from all over the world plan to stay in someone at least once environmentally conscious accommodation facility. In Vietnam, this is planned by 100% of passengers, while in Colombia and India it is true for 98% of passengers, and in Croatia for 86% of passengers. Also, 84% of all passengers plan reduce waste and recycle plastic during a trip to a destination, and this number is even higher for travelers from Thailand (94%), Croatia (91%), Brazil (91%) and Argentina (90%).

Although passengers can now finally look forward to the possibility of traveling again in the not too distant future, research shows that a break in international travel has inspired 84% of passengers from Croatia to sustainable travel in the future put on first place.

This is an optimistic indicator that travelers will make informed travel decisions in the future, bearing in mind that every (sustainable) step they take will help reduce their impact on the environment. No matter how small that step was.

To summarize, the focus will be on traveling away from the crowds, off-season travel, stop plastic and supporting local communities

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