More than half of passengers claim they will not travel abroad until they receive the vaccine

The research shows that there is a great desire to travel, and this is confirmed by the latest research conducted among more than 28.000 travelers from 28 countries, including 1001 ...

Research shows that there is a great desire to travel, and this is confirmed by the latest research conducted among more than 28.000 travelers from 28 countries, including 1001 from Croatia, with the aim of finding out what travelers are most hoping for now. when it becomes safe to travel again and what they consider necessary for the recovery of the tourism sector.

New research reveals the desire to explore the world remains unchanged and that after months of restrictions, passengers finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, thanks to vaccines and other revolutionary medical advances in the fight against COVID-19.

Vaccines instill hope and restore optimism to travelers 

Although it is known that the pandemic is not yet behind us, two thirds of passengers from all over the world (66%) are more hopeful of traveling in 2021 thanks to the persistent commitment of the scientific and health communities and the application of COVID-19 vaccine. Equally as many passengers (66%) state that being unable to travel more in 2020 has driven them to an even greater longing to travel in 2021. 

Confidence in vaccine efficacy is at a high level.

More than half of travelers worldwide (59%) say they will not travel abroad until they receive the vaccine, and that number reaches 68% among travelers over the age of 55. Furthermore, 55% of travelers say they will only travel to countries that have introduced vaccination programs. However, there is still a certain level of restraint among two-fifths of passengers (41%) who remain skeptical about whether the vaccine will really contribute to safer travel. 

In the post-pandemic period, travel becomes a top priority

Despite being mostly optimistic, travelers around the world confirm that not being able to travel in 2020 as in previous years has had a significant impact on their well-being. 48% of them noticed a negative effect on their mental health, and 47% said they felt confined to their own home due to travel restrictions.

64% of them say that travel is more important to them now than before the pandemic. And to the extent that nearly three-quarters of travelers (71%) said they would rather go on vacation in 2021 than find true love. At the same time, 66% of them would prefer to travel over success at work and would rather go on vacation than get a promotion.

More than half of passengers (53%) used the excess time at home to plan future trips, while almost half (45%) saved more days off, so they are happy with the possibility of a longer vacation in 2021.

When dreaming of their next vacation, six out of ten travelers (61%) believe that they will be able to travel somewhere to the beach by the summer of 2021, and 23% of them say that a relaxing trip to the beach or spa will be their first form of travel. to leave when it is safe again. After an exhausting year, only 6% of travelers will book an active trip, and only 5% of them will choose a city holiday as a priority. 

By joint efforts to a common goal

In order for travelers to be able to safely re-explore the destinations they long for, everyone seems to agree that governments, travelers and the travel sector in general need to work together. 

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the travel sector, 95% of travelers around the world believe that the sector needs support to recover. Two-thirds of passengers (66%) believe that government financial incentives are needed to recover the travel sector, and more than half of passengers (56%) fear that the sector may not survive without government support.

When it comes to more practical regulations, 72% of travelers say a broader approach to coronavirus testing is needed before traveling, and 70% say governments should work with travel associations and travel service providers to set more consistent standards. 

Although 70% of partners surveyed are cautious about the future of their business, they agree with travelers that the travel sector needs support because most of them would like governments to do more in the future to support the sector during the current pandemic crises.

According to renters of accommodation of all types and sizes, the following three key areas require attention: more consistent international standards when it comes to travel advice and rules, faster vaccine delivery programs and a wider approach to pre-travel coronavirus testing.

However, as 62% of accommodation providers expect increased interest in travel in 2021, they are still doing their part to ensure that passengers feel safe, and almost 70% of them have stepped up health and safety measures and improved the cleaning process.

60% of respondents are willing to accept that they will only be able to travel with proof of vaccination

Also, 60% of travelers from all over the world are willing to accept that they will only be able to travel with proof of vaccination. At the same time, 73% of passengers would agree to wear a face mask while traveling, and 64% of them would even support a travel ban for people without a mask (with justified exceptions). Two thirds of passengers (66%) are willing to travel exclusively in small groups of 2 to 6 people.

To provide more direct support to the tourism industry, 17% of travelers worldwide plan to use bonuses / vouchers from canceled trips instead of requesting a refund, and the same number will buy vouchers for family and friends, which can be used when it becomes safe to travel again. .

In addition, 31% of travelers plan to choose less popular destinations, and 27% of them want to book independent accommodation or those in their city or its surroundings to support local businesses (20%).


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