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Camino Imota as a separate tourist product and motive for arrival

The new section of the Croatian network of the Way of St. James is Camino Imota, and today is the second day of Camino Imota weekend, which lasts until tomorrow when pilgrims will be given certificates of completion ...

The new section of the Croatian network of the Way of St. James is Camino Imota, and today is the second day of the Camino Imota weekend, which lasts until tomorrow, when pilgrims will be given certificates of pilgrimage. Camino de Santiago or Put sv. Jacob is a network of pilgrimage routes that lead from all over Europe to the shrine of St. Of St. James the Apostle in Santiago de Compostela, the third most important sanctuary of Christianity after Rome and Jerusalem. In 1987, the Camino was declared the cultural route of Europe by the Council of Europe as "Europe's main road". The Camino is also under UNESCO protection as part of the World Heritage Site. Today, Camino pilgrimage routes are developed throughout Europe, and are experiencing tremendous popularity. In Croatia, the tradition of this pilgrimage is over 800 years old.

The popularization of the Spanish Camina culminated in the Hollywood film The Way, funded by the Tourist Board of the Navarre region of Spain, which benefits the most from the route that millions of pilgrims from all over the world cross each year. After Krk, which joined the Camino family in 2019, Imotska Krajina also received a section of this most famous network of pilgrimage routes.

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“Participants come from Zagreb, Osijek, Split, Makarska… To this should be added pilgrims from Imotski Krajina and places near us. The president of the Brotherhood of St. James from Slovenia, which has about 3500 members, also confirmed his arrival ", said Luka Kolovrat, director of the Imotski Tourist Board, which together with the Brotherhood of St. James, is the organizer of the three-day Camino Imota event, which aims to popularize the Camino Trail in Imotski.

Pilgrimage routes are experiencing great popularity today, and it is estimated that about a million and a half people cross them every year. What used to be exclusively a pilgrimage route, today is also an adventure for many walkers, but also an excellent tourist story for the hosts. Thus, the pilgrimage trail Camino Imota will be created thanks to the cooperation of the Tourist Board of Imot and the Brotherhood of St. James, which is the official representative of Croatia in the Brotherhood of St. James, which operates in Santiago de Compostela.

“After the Camino Imot weekend, we will continue to mark and mark the trail. It’s a big deal, because there are over 200 markers on the track. In ten days we expect the presentation of the new application and the Camino Imot map ”, announced Kolovrat.

Camino Imota will pass by exceptionally interesting sacral buildings, but also important sites of natural and cultural heritage. At a total of 12 sites, there will be commemorative stamps for pilgrimage passports as proof of travel. Anyone with a completed pilgrimage passport in the office of the Imotski Tourist Board can get a certificate of completion of the pilgrimage - Compostela.

Camino Imota represents the stock on the general route Medjugorje - Sinj, within the Croatian road network Sv. Jacob. This section is also conceived as private tourism product, the motive for coming for a multi-day stay in the Imotski region. Activities and planning began in early 2020, and in January this year from the Croatian National Tourist Board, from the Fund for United Tourist Boards, the Tourist Board of Imota received funds for the first phase of this project.

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