Camping tourism is becoming increasingly popular in the Split-Dalmatia County

The coronavirus pandemic, the growing interest in eco-tourism as well as the growing demand of guests for active and adventurous travel have indicated p ...

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21. March 2022.

The coronavirus pandemic, the growing interest in eco-tourism as well as the growing demand of guests for active and adventurous travel have indicated the full potential of camping. Global tourism trends have shown that new generations of tourists want to combine the atmosphere of an outdoor trip, while taking advantage of absolutely all the benefits of luxury accommodation.

Global tourism trends have shown that new generations of tourists want to combine the atmosphere of an outdoor trip, while taking advantage of absolutely all the benefits of luxury accommodation. That is why the camping industry has started its transformation with glamping, luxury mobile homes, swimming pools and other accompanying facilities, which are attracting hotel guests, those who until yesterday stayed in 4-star hotels. 

Camping is not what it used to be, today camps are a high-quality segment of the tourist offer that has been successfully affirmed in the European market and is of great importance for the tourist results of individual destinations and business systems. The camps have really proven to be a strong and stable segment and have once again proven that they record the smallest decline during any crisis.

The Conference on Camping Tourism and Family Accommodation, organized by the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Seget, the Municipality and Croatia Hot Spots magazine, was held on March 18 on the topic of camping at the Medena Hotel in Seget. The partner of the project is the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County, and the director of the Tourist Board Joško Stella announced great expectations for camping tourism and accommodation in the household in 2022.

In the Split-Dalmatia County, small camps with up to 300 beds predominate


That Seget is a popular destination for camping tourism and accommodation in the household is shown by the data on two multi-award winning camping facilities Seget and Belvedere, as well as highly categorized facilities for private and hotel accommodation.

"We are the most diverse county in terms of accommodation capacity, we can boast of 180 thousand beds in private accommodation, 15.700 beds in camps and 35 thousand beds in hotels. The possibility of choice for guests is great, and we must do everything with the content and good promotion of the destination to fill the capacity. Our tourist board is constantly organizing various trainings, so we have made a set of 15 trainings for private renters and five for other tourism workers and entities in tourism. This one was created today at the initiative of colleagues from Seget, which makes us very happy, and I can announce that we will support all the trainings that take place in the pre-season. " he said Josko Star.

The conference began with a lecture Domagoj Bebić with the topic 'Media and popular social cultures in the service of promoting the destination and the object of private accommodation'.

"Media habits have changed a lot in the last ten years, in fact they are constantly changing which affects different industries and thus tourism. People who travel have their own media habits and share their experiences with others through social media. One of the key reasons why people travel is to share those experiences with others, even the personal experience of the destination is elsewhere. A tourist at a destination will rather photograph himself to send to someone else than stop and enjoy the view. It is up to us to promote ourselves as much as possible through popular social cultures and prepare for such tourists. Our people have good ideas, but we are always slightly lagging behind world trends. The intention of my lecture and such gatherings is to change that and take the initiative ", he said Domagoj Bebić 

"Seget is a small municipality but our contribution to the tourism of the county is extremely large. We are fifth in the number of realized overnight stays and arrivals. In 2019, we realized 850.000 overnight stays, in 2021 slightly less than 650.000 overnight stays. In our municipality there are two highly categorized camps with almost 2500 beds, the direct benefit of the camp for the local community in your area through tourist tax, tourist membership fee, various taxes and contributions, utility fees, consumption of campers in the local area is extremely large. This education is a significant event for our municipality, gaining new knowledge and skills and investing in people is the path we want to go and in this way we can make the season even more successful. " said the mayor of Seget Ivo Sorić.

The fusion of a long tourist tradition and the charm of a small Dalmatian town with excellent family accommodation and accommodation facilities in the camp, is a Seget formula for success, and the reason why lovers of nature and the whole family return from year to year, she said.  Adriana Milos, director of the Seget Tourist Board, adding that the friendly Seget hosts are well aware that accommodation is an important segment of the tourist offer, and something that is constantly being improved and upgraded.

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"Until the crisis in Ukraine, the booking of hotels and apartments was at the level of 90% in 2019, in camping accommodation that figure was even better by 10%. Last minute, last minute bookings are expected to increase. Today's travelers are independent individuals who use a range of devices and tools for planning, management and booking, have adapted to the new normal and as many as 75% of them find inspiration for travel on social networks, so it is important through such training to acquire new knowledge of digital marketing. would achieve greater virtual visibility"- said the organizer and educator, editor of Croatia Hot Spots magazine Maja Zlokić

"Camp Belvedere is a positive example of tourism practice in terms of development, sustainability and human resources. The first two months of the year we recorded a great booking until there were instabilities in the market, but there are no major cancellations, which gives us hope that the season will be successful. We cannot directly influence this, but we all hope that the war in Ukraine will end soon - she is of the opinion Marija Viljac, sales manager at Camp Belvedere, who emphasizes the importance of such conferences because meetings of tourism stakeholders are always welcome to find solutions to common problems that plague them. "Energy prices dictate costs, we were forced to increase the price of the residence service, even more than 20%."states Viljac. 

Jelena Stupalo presented GREEN VALLEY RETRAT luxury Robinson Crusoe tourism not far from Split. An unforgettable experience of coexistence with nature, the most similar modern gamping, contains 2 luxury tents, which provide true comfort and give a whole new dimension to a holiday in nature. She pointed out the problematic legal regulations when opening a facility of this type.

"Through many years of investment in sustainable development and raising the quality and offer of our camp for our achievements, we have received numerous awards and recognitions. Since 2017, Camp Stobreč Split has been the holder of the ECOCAMPING certificate. It is one of the most respected European associations whose certificate is aimed at organizing business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and ecology. " said Grenko Ružić from Camp Stobreč Split.

The last lecture on the topic of digital transformation of the facility was given by Denis Orlić, who explained how to use digital platforms to improve the business of the facility by using Google business services.

Photo by: Veljko Martinović / Cover photo: Stobreč camp, Split


Author  HrTurizam Promo

21. March 2022.