Cappelli: As of this week, the issue of borders with Slovenia could be resolved

As of today, we are in the third phase of easing measures, which means the re-establishment of passenger and railway traffic, the operation of catering facilities, the partial opening of borders, the opening of shops in shopping centers, passes have been abolished, ...

As of today, we are in the third phase of easing measures, which includes the re-establishment of passenger and railway traffic, catering facilities, partial opening of borders, opening of shops in shopping centers, abolished passes, therefore, free movement, etc .. all prerequisites for tourism.

Guest on the HRT show Together for health Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli said that a message had been sent to the surrounding countries that Croatia had started to function in a tourist way, regardless of all existing measures.

"It is a very clear thing: you can come to a hotel, camp, private accommodation, in restaurants you can eat both inside and outside. You can rent a boat and go sailing, the marinas are open. As of today, Croatia breathes tourismSaid the minister.

As for vouchers for travel agencies, the issue of insuring them arose, which Cappelli pointed out that the State did not take over, but that travel agencies have their own insurance. “We did not go to the stage of responsibility as a state, to guarantee the return of those funds. These are agencies that have their share of insurance, they must have, so I hope they are covered that wayCappelli points out, adding that vouchers and hoteliers are currently being discussed.

Interestingly, Germany rejected the voucher system, but therefore reduced VAT from 19 percent to 7 percent for restaurants and cafes, and the issue of voucher insurance could be problematic in the future if companies will not be able to return the money.

The HGK hoteliers' association is asking the government to continue measures to preserve jobs for another three months. That means paying the minimum. Hoteliers can expect a discussion on this in the coming time within the government, the minister said. “There is a possibility to reprogram the system of permanent seasonals. We will discuss this in the Government, he said, adding that the moratorium on loans is also important for hoteliers"

As of this week, the issue of borders with Slovenia could be resolved

As for borders there is one trap Cappelli points out. “We open the borders, but the problem is that other countries require that when a guest / citizen returns to their country, they have to isolate themselves for 14 days. So, in a way, they are prevented by the country they come from from coming to Croatia at all. Epidemiologists are talking to the Slovenian side today and tomorrow, and I think that by the end of the week we will have clarified the situation of the possibility of crossing the border as far as the Slovenian state is concerned, without any problems. They do not have self-isolation in Croatia, nor in Slovenia - and then the real traffic starts"Said Cappelli, adding that bilateral talks will be held with a similar epidemiological situation to allow the flow of tourists from one country to another, and as far as third countries are concerned, the agreement at EU level to enter the EU by June 15 will be respected. does not come from third countries.

/ / / Recommendations and instructions that Croatian and foreign citizens entering the Republic of Croatia are obliged to follow

/ / / Croatian and foreign nationals entering the Republic of Croatia must comply with these recommendations and instructions

Speaking about the cancellation of reservations, the Minister says that we may have "completely lost", and for the most part the sixth month was lost. “We calculate revenues between 25 and 30 percent. Last year, with the domestic market, we achieved around 20 billion euros. We did all the surveys, i.e. the estimates. We did an estimate of 60-90 percent of the losses. I think we could do somewhere between 25 and 30 percent. The first three months are not all lost, but a larger part is lost. Although it is only 5 percent of the turnover, somewhere around 480 million euros is at the level of those five percent in the first three months. Somewhere around 2 billion and 250 million euros is the fourth, fifth and sixth months. That part will be practically completely lost. We estimate that in the first six months we lost about 2 billion and 200, 400 million euros. The most important are the seventh, eighth and ninth month, where 63 percent of turnover is realizedCappelli concluded.

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