Coca-Cola HBC Croatia presented the latest trends in hospitality and tourism

Coca-Cola HBC Croatia hosted more than 200 restaurant, hotel and cafe owners from Croatia and the region at the fifth HoReCa conference. Domestic and foreign experts presented ...

Coca-Cola HBC Croatia has hosted more than 200 owners of restaurants, hotels and cafes from Croatia and the region at the fifth HoReCa conference.

Domestic and foreign experts presented global and regional trends in hospitality, gastronomy and tourism and commented on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sector's operations. 

Remy Savage, creative director of Le Syndicate and Le Commune in Paris and owner of the concept bar, described the process of opening a bar in London in the current situation and pointed out how unique the concept and going beyond the usual framework contribute to the success of caterers. Ivana Bekavac, the chief chef and owner of the Kut510 restaurant in Zagreb, showed the participants of the Raise the Bar conference how she successfully overcame the challenge of opening and running a successful restaurant in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Ruza Tomic Fontana, CEO of Coca-Cola HBC for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia, commented on the current situation in the markets and gave a brief overview of consumer trends and pointed out: "HoReCa provides customers in Croatia and the region, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia, with non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and premium alcoholic beverages, with ongoing support in business development. That’s why I’m glad to announce that we’ve supported the first edition of Danny Meyer’s book, The Power of Successful Business (Setting the Table), which caterers around the world call the Hospitality Bible. Today, due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit caterers the hardest, it is important to find and recognize successful examples and focus our experience and knowledge on the recovery and development of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism in Croatia and the region.. "  

Ruža Tomić Fontana, General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia

As part of the conference to the participants the second and third generations of the Academy of the Raise the Bar project were awarded certificates of participation in the educational program whose goal is to improve the quality of knowledge of employees in the hospitality and tourism industry. Raise the Bar is a strategic platform of Coca-Cola HBC Croatia, which has been operating since 2019 with the aim of increasing the quality of education of the workforce in the hospitality and tourism industry.

During two months of theoretical classes at Coca-Cola Education Center and a month of practical classes in restaurants and bars throughout Croatia, participants acquired knowledge and skills and mastered modern techniques in line with the latest gastronomic and hospitality trends.

The project includes an academy for waiters, baristas and bartenders, scholarships for chefs, pastry chefs and serving staff, and collaboration with regional competence centers, enabling Raise the Bar to match the skills and knowledge of hospitality and tourism workers to the needs of employers.

"The occupation of waiters, baristas and bartenders is still among the most sought after in Croatia and the lack of quality workforce is a real challenge for the hospitality and tourism sector. We are proud that the Raise the Bar project is part of the solution to this long-standing problem and that Coca-Cola HBC Croatia has provided professional training and education of 26 waiters, bartenders and baristas over the past three years, which will contribute to a better future of Croatian hospitality. In cooperation with the Budi Foodie Foundation, two years ago we awarded three scholarships for education at prestigious academies and I am proud to announce that this year, as part of our own Raise the Bar Foundation, we will support the professional development of young gastronomic talents in the best culinary schools in the world.", he said Filip Verbanac, Director of the Department of Spirits, Coffee and Catering and Project Manager of Raise the Bar.

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