Competition for the position of INFORMATOR/ICA in the TZ of the city of Poreč

11. March 2023.

Poreč Tourist Board announced a public tender for a fixed-term job at the Poreč Tourist Board Data processing officer - informant, full-time, fixed-term from 1.4. until September 30.9.2023, 15, due to the increased volume of work, with a trial period of XNUMX days. One executor is wanted

The work of the referent/informer consists of providing information and distributing promotional and informative materials and publications to guests at the Community info point, travel agencies, accommodation facilities, guests and representative offices abroad,

In addition, they will record new, amended or canceled Decisions on the provision of catering services in the household, objects and owners of non-commercial accommodation, as well as the registration and de-registration of guests in the eVisitor system and collect the tourist tax at the info point.

The job of a clerk/informer includes booking tourist membership fees, preparing, sorting and sending information about the tourist offer in the destination area to the regional tourist association and the Croatian tourist association, as well as providing support in the organization of study trips for journalists and representatives of travel organizers in cooperation with the regional tourist association and HTZ.

The officer/informer keeps records and statistical data established by law and other regulations, checks and collects data on the registration and de-registration of tourists with the aim of cooperating with the competent inspection bodies responsible for the calculation, collection and payment of the tourist tax, as well as the registration and de-registration of tourists, and regularly collects and updates data on the tourist offer, accommodation and hospitality facilities, cultural, sports and other events, as well as other information necessary for a pleasant stay of tourists in the destination,

The candidate for the position must meet the following conditions:

1. that he has completed at least secondary school (gymnasium, four-year or five-year
vocational school),
2. to have at least one year of work experience,
3. to know a foreign language,
4. to know how to work on a personal computer.

Detailed information on the content of the tender application, the necessary documentation and the method of submitting the application can be seen HERE.

The deadline for submitting applications with evidence of meeting the conditions of the Competition is March 17, 2023.

Candidates can send any inquiries exclusively by e-mail to e-mail.

Cover photo: Pixabay

11. March 2023.