VukovART completed - ten new works enriched the open-air gallery

This year's VukovART, a street art festival in Vukovar that lasted from May 15th to June 15th, is over. In that period, ten new artists from all over the world sailed into Vukovar ...

This year is over VukovART, street art festival in Vukovar which lasted from May 15 to June 15.

During that period, ten new artists from all over the world sailed into Vukovar and enriched the Vukovar open-air gallery. with ten new works. Vukovar can thus boast of a total 33 works created in the past five years of organizing the festival. 

“The main part of the festival, the artistic part, brought us ten top artists from all over the world - Mexico, Russia, Germany, Spain, Latvia, Switzerland, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. For many, this was the first festival in a year. And with ten new works, the Vukovar open-air gallery now has 33 street art works, ie murals and 3D paintings, created in the past five years of organizing the festival ”, He said Krešimir Herceg, organizer of the VukovART festival.

Below you can see ten new works and locations in Vukovar where they were created:

  • Artez - Title of work: Surprise Yourself (Ulica Hrvatskog aviolovstva 11)
  • Boa Mistura - Title: OSTAJEMO / We Stay (Marina Držića 22)
  • BustArt - Title: Kiss by the Danube (Županijska cesta 61)
  • Jana Brike - Title: Procession of life by a blue river (Županijska cesta 124)
  • Juandres Vera - Title: The Heart is the Commander (JJ Strossmayera Street)
  • Kerim Mušanovic - Title: Strawberry Flavor (Promenade near Vuka)
  • Marion Ruthardt - Title: Lipizzaner (Promenade near Vuka)
  • Mr Woodland - Title: Inseparable (Homeland War 18-20-22)
  • Šumski - Title: Portals (Ulica Hrvatskog vazdulovstva 17)
  • Victor Splash - Title: Everything is on the surface (Stjepana Radića 12-14)

VukovART is a unique concept in the culture and art of Vukovar. It promotes Vukovar as a Port of Art, changes the visual identity of the city and makes it a more beautiful place to live. Thus, Vukovar has become an "open-air gallery" in which, in addition to the local community, tourists also enjoy.

"The last weekend brought us the last program activities and the citizens of Vukovar could enjoy a top concert of Osijek Watercolor, but also fun and relaxed socializing with Robert Knjaz, whose lecture even the rain failed to prevent, and Dusan Bucan. Until the next VukovART, visit Vukovar which has become a respectable open-air gallery and enjoy the art that is at every step ”, Herceg finally said.

Photos: VukovART

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