Concert from the window of the Gymnasium, content that sets this Advent apart from others: Jubilee 10th concert in which 150 students of the music school participate

Everyone has Advent. Almost every city in Croatia organizes Advent events in its squares. As a rule, the content is the same - lighting the Advent candles...


7. December 2023.

Everyone has Advent. Almost every city in Croatia organizes Advent events in its squares. As a rule, the content is the same - the lighting of Advent candles, concerts and catering houses with traditional Advent offerings. Additional contents distinguish individual events, especially in smaller towns. It is difficult to jump out and be different within the given framework, and one city succeeded in this thanks to the rich tradition of the music school.

The Vinkovac Advent stands out from the mass of other Advents in the concert of the students and teachers of the primary and secondary music school Josip Runjanin, which is held from the window of the Vinkovac Gymnasium, which makes this concert more attractive and special. The Vinkovac gymnasium is the most monumental building in the city center, along with the building of the former Brodsko imvni municipality, today the administration of the branch of Croatian Forests, and in fact these two buildings are the symbol of the town on Bosut. They are located in the pedestrian zone next to the city park and represent the center of the city where city events are held.

What only the people of Vinkovci have is an orchestra and choir concert Music school of Josip Runjanin Vinkovci – Christmas concert from the gymnasium window. This unique concert, which is the most visited content of Advent in the city of Bosut, is celebrated this year the first great jubilee, and it was announced for December 17 at 19 p.m.


For the tenth year in a row, young musicians bring an almost angelic feeling of Christmas with their performance, and give the town on Bosut the touch of a major world metropolis during Advent. Christmas concert from the gymnasium window which is attractive in performance and visually very impressive is the result of the successful cooperation of the school, parents, students and professors, without which it would not have been possible to realize it. It is a project that is studiously prepared months in advance, and every year it is more and more ambitious.

This year too, through the mixed orchestra and choirs of the music school as well as former and current students at the windows of the Gymnasium, over 150 participants are expected under the baton of maestro Dario Glavaš. This concert is responsible for the attractiveness of Advent in a city that has been continuously inhabited for 8000 years and where the oldest Indo-European calendar was found and is considered an archaeological Eldorado.

The people of Vinkovci are rightly proud of their Music School, which combines a music kindergarten, primary and secondary music school, but they are also proud of their famous fellow citizen Josip Runjanin whose name the school bears. Josip Runjanin, born in Vinkovci, was a Croatian composer and officer in the Austro-Hungarian army, and he set the song to music Antun Mihanović The Croatian homeland, which was declared the Croatian national anthem in 1891 under the title Lijepa naša domovino.

Young musicians growing up under the guidance of Music School professor Josip Runjanin with a Christmas concert from the gymnasium window - but also other unique musical projects with which they enrich the city - spread the word about the school, but also preserve the memory of Runjanin in the best possible way, and maintain the status of Vinkovci as city ​​of music.

It is interesting how this Vinkovci Christmas concert is some tried to copy, but they did not penetrate the secret of how to organize it successfully, so the Christmas concert from the gymnasium window still remains a magical specialty of Advent in Vinkovac.

Poster for the 2023 musical concert

Photos: Lokka, source: Music School of Josip Runjnain Vinkovci


7. December 2023.