Cooperation between Istria and South Korea: Signed letter of intent on mutual exchange and cooperation

At the headquarters of the Istria County Tourist Board, the director of the Istrian County Tourist Board Denis Ivošević and the president of the South Korean Tourist Association of the Jeju Dong Seok Boo Special Self-Government Province signed a letter ...

Director of the Tourist Board of the Istrian County at the seat of the Office of the Tourist Board of the Istrian County Denis Ivošević and President of the South Korean Tourist Association of the Jeju Special Self-Government Province Dong Seok Boo signed a letter of intent on mutual exchange and cooperation.

The letter regulated a relationship based on trust, cooperation and equality, and the two sides agreed to encourage friendly, equal and sustainable development with the aim of mutual benefit. 

The letter of intent also states that the two regions will promote the exchange of experience in the tourism industry through regular contracts and regular communication to develop tourism services and joint marketing strategies, cooperate in launching charter flights to increase mutual availability of destinations, exchange information on statistics and trends related to tourism, as well as to establish a system of cooperation for mutual development, to promote further cooperation through mutual agreements based on mutual principle in relation to agreements not included in the letter of intent. 

This is the crown of the cooperation initiated a few years ago by the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to South Korea, Dr. Sc. Damir Kušen. In addition, in 2019, the Istrian Tourist Board presented its economic and tourist potentials at the educational workshop "Experience Croatia, Feel Slovenia" organized by the Croatian and Slovenian Tourist Board, intended for tour operators and agencies, which was visited, among others, by Ambassador Dr. sc. Kushen.

By the way, Jeju is a volcanic island located in the Korean Strait in the Pacific Ocean, 130 km south of the Korean Peninsula and is the largest island in South Korea and its smallest province enjoying a special autonomous status of strong self-government since 1946. Like Istria, this province with 700.000 inhabitants is a very popular tourist destination visited by 15 million tourists annually. 

It is also interesting that Jeju plans to become a carbon-neutral province by 2025, and given that the European Union plans to become neutral in 2050, Istria can benefit from this cooperation, especially in relation to sustainable green development.  

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