Cooperation with FC Bayern München, the German ADAC and Expedia and other strategic partners continues

Today, the 31st session of the Tourist Council of the Croatian Tourist Board was held, where the members of the Council adopted decisions on public invitations...


February 9, 2024.

It was held today 31st session of the Tourist Board of the Croatian National Tourist Board at which the members of the Council adopted decisions on the announcement of public invitations aimed at further improving the competitiveness of Croatian tourism, i.e. which will contribute to the achievement of the set marketing goals in 2024.

It's about Public call for the development of the program of destination management companies through which financial resources will be allocated for programs of development and introduction of complex tourist products for the market of special interests, and will soon be announced Public invitation to implement marketing cooperation with top Croatian athletes in 2024.

"Destination management companies play a significant role in the development of Croatian tourism, especially in the context of extending the season and increasing tourist traffic outside the summer months. I remind you that last year almost 108 million overnight stays were realized in Croatia, of which over 26 million were realized through agencies, that is, about 25 percent of the total overnight stays were realized by travel agencies, which is a strong contribution to the overall results of Croatian tourism. It is also important for us to continue cooperation with active top Croatian athletes, winners of medals at the Olympic Games, European and world championships, as well as with athletes who participate in significant international sports competitions. In this way, we ensure even better visibility of our national tourism brand, as well as a better reach of our communication messages", he said Kristjan Staničić, director of the Croatian Tourist Board.

The Tourist Council of HTZ also adopted a decision on the approval of funds in the amount of almost 3 million euros intended for cooperation with strategic partners on foreign markets, i.e. with the most important tour operators and carriers among them TUI, easyJet holidays, DER Touristik, Jet2holidays, Ryanair, Air France, Volotea, KLM, Eurowings i dr.

"As can be seen from today's session, we are working intensively on promotion that will contribute to even better tourism results in 2024 as well as the achievement of our strategic goals. Promoting the synergy of tourism and sports in the year of the European Football Championship in Germany and the Olympic Games in Paris will bring additional visibility to Croatia. I am happy that we are continuing our excellent cooperation with ADAC, which has already brought exceptional results on the German market, and we believe that we will make additional strides in the future. We are also pleased with the inclusion of a number of tourist communities in the religious tourism project, which is one of the special forms of tourism that we also want to develop in the upcoming period.", said the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac. 

Council members also approved marketing and PR cooperation s Croatian Ski Association until 2026 and Croatian Football Association until 2027. Among other things, the listed collaborations include the implementation of promotional activities during skiers' performances and football team matches, as well as the use of materials and visuals for the purpose of promoting Croatia as a meaningful tourist destination, and partnership and cooperation with by the European Handball Federation until 2026 as part of the EHF Men's Champions League.

Funds for the continuation were also approved at the session strategic partnership between Croatian Tourist Board, TZ lstra and FC Bayern Munich, which gives lstra the status of an exclusive tourist partner of this famous German club, and regarding the German market, cooperation in 2024 with by ADAC, Germany's largest and the second largest automobile club in the world by membership, with more than 21,5 million members and consisting of 18 regional clubs throughout Germany with more than 150 branches that also act as travel agencies.

Let's add that funds for advertising activities on the channels of one of the world's largest travel platforms were also approved at the session - ExpediaGroup with a focus on the markets of Great Britain, Sweden and the USA, while for the American market marketing cooperation on Paramount channels, among which, for example, CBS, the most watched television channel in the USA for 15 years in a row, which is available in 98% of American households, which makes it the channel with the greatest reach in this large and important market for Croatian tourism. 


February 9, 2024.