Today, more than ever, it is important to raise awareness of the importance of purchasing unique and original local products

Everyone loves gifts - both to receive and to give. It is especially appreciated when the gift is original, unique, authentic, handmade and carefully crafted, imbued with a story. In the pre-holiday fever and rush can ...

Everyone loves gifts - both to receive and to give. It is especially appreciated when it is a gift original, unique, authentic, handmade and carefully crafted, imbued with a story. In the pre-holiday fever and rush, it may seem that such gifts are very difficult to find. However, it is not impossible, and in fact you should not look far, it is best to look around the shops or online shop windows of our small producers of family farms, craftsmen, associations and even home crafts. Dedicated work of small craftsmen, artists and manufactories from our surroundings at this time should be especially emphasized because these products deserve all the attention.

Therefore, it is commendable that the action they came up with in the Zagreb County Tourist Board, which in this time of pandemics want to raise awareness of the importance of buying local products. Each destination has its own authentic story and its own local products and souvenirs.

"In Zagreb County, there are many such craftsmen, hardworking people who turn natural resources from their homeland into unique local products. At the same time, they combine traditional and modern, with their creativity they refresh the heritage and enrich the entire offer of their region. Natural cosmetics and healthy food, medicinal preparations, imaginative decorations and everyday items for the home, irresistible treats. Each product bears the signature of its end and its author. Production is usually small and limited, but with high levels of quality and personal commitment. Domestic that is truly domestic, but also different and we want to raise the world about the importance of buying from local producers and help all of them in branding and promoting these products that we can be proud of. Ivana Alilović pointed out, announcing that the Zagreb County Tourist Board will take action "Christmas magic in your home", which takes place from November 28 to December 24, to support small producers from their area and help spread the word about their work.

The desire is to increase awareness of how important it is to appreciate and buy locally through additional promotion and a prize competition, which will be conducted on social networks during the Advent period. Also, these uncertain times show that more than ever cooperation is necessary between all participants who create the tourist offer of a destination.

By choosing an original and local product, you are actually donating twice and this is the message that the campaign wants to raise awareness of. You will give your loved ones an interesting and unique gift, and you will give confidence and the wind in your back to the hardworking hands behind it. This gesture may seem like a small step, but a lot of such small steps bring good to the whole community and are the flywheel for the whole region or destination.

Pralines with Turopolje truffles, Photo: Nautilus chocolates

And it’s actually so simple, and so powerful and very effective. It is at this time of giving time to repeat the basics of preserving the domestic economy. Perhaps this year, this kind of action is even more important because of the pandemic, when the preservation of jobs and every company is of crucial importance for the entire economy.

I hope that others will follow this example, because Christmas time is an opportunity to promote local souvenirs and local stories, which each of our regions fortunately has a handful of. And through the souvenir story you will actually tell the story of your destination and all its peculiarities and in fact by promoting your local producers you are promoting a lot more.


Dumplings with truffles by Cipov from Turopolje

And how we have great products and stories is confirmed by two examples from Zagreb County where the story of edible souvenirs in combination with truffles, which are a hit story of this region, was used. This compound resulted in the original truffle pralines i strudels with truffles.

Nautilus chocolate pralines are a family entrepreneurial story that has lasted for 12 years, and the combination of pralines with Zagreb truffles is now a new innovative product that will be part of the offer promoted by the Tourist Board this Christmas, as well as the idea of ​​enriching traditional Zagorje štruklji with seductive aroma. of the Turopolje truffle. Štrukle with truffles is made by Cipov from Turopolje, from which truffles come, which the Zagreb County is increasingly using and promoting through indigenous gastronomic stories. Ultimately, these products actually invite you to visit the Green Ring of Zagreb and discover more and the story is rounded to the satisfaction of all stakeholders in the process.

Shopping will probably move online again this Christmas and in fact all products are easily available and your audience can reach them with one click, and it is up to all of us to impose our own and set them apart in the mass of everything on offer. We return again to the well-known mantra - Respect yourself and others will respect you.

Cover photo: Nautilus chocolates, Zaprešić

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