DHT 2022 will be held in Šibenik. Published program

Days of Croatian tourism

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9. August 2022.

Now it's official.

Days of Croatian tourism (DHT), a traditional meeting of tourism workers and all stakeholders in the tourism system of the Republic of Croatia, organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the Croatian Tourist Board and Croatian Radio and Television, will take place from October 06 to 08 in Šibenik in the tourist resort Amadria park Šibenik. 

This year's event will bring together numerous experts from tourism and other activities related to tourism, so the organizers have prepared a series of interesting events. As part of the DHT, the Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy until 2030 will be presented, the demand trends of today's tourists will be discussed and what it is like to be a digital nomad in Croatia. 

"Days of Croatian tourism are an opportunity for all stakeholders in tourism to exchange experiences, discuss news and trends, opportunities and challenges in tourism. This year we have prepared a rich program filled with current topics, but it is even more important to emphasize that the participants will be able to discuss the strategic determinants for the sustainable future of Croatian tourism. The strategy for the development of sustainable tourism until 2030, along with competitiveness, innovation and resilience, places our natural and cultural resources and our hospitable people in the center. Therefore, we see Croatian tourism days as an opportunity to stimulate young people's interest in tourism professions, as well as an opportunity to jointly celebrate the successes of our tourism workers and reward those who raise the bar for the quality of Croatian tourism., said the Minister of Tourism and Sports Nikolina Brnjac. 

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Furthermore, as part of the Croatian Tourism Day, the Strategic Marketing and Operational Plan of Croatian Tourism for the next period will be presented. "A great tourist season is underway in Croatia, and the Days of Croatian Tourism in October this year will be an excellent opportunity to highlight every success and achievement of the Croatian tourism sector. Also, at this largest gathering of tourism workers, we will present the current course of development of the Strategic Marketing and Operational Plan for Croatian Tourism, a document that will be the basis of a new promotional strategy in the coming period. I invite all those interested to register on time for this year's Days of Croatian Tourism in beautiful Šibenik and thus be part of this gathering, which is expected to attract more than a thousand participants." said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić.

This year too, the traditional Croatian tourism forum will be held, where excellence in business will be discussed, that is, how to improve the quality of service and satisfy the end user/tourist with the offer and service.

"This year we mark a quarter of a century of recognition of the best in Croatian tourism through the HGK Tourist Flower - Quality for Croatia award. In the last few years, there was no shortage of challenges, and excellence was much more difficult to achieve and maintain, which is why these jubilee awards shine especially brightly. What all of us actors at events like this have to do is look at the future meaning of excellence in tourism with all the elements of the puzzle. Whereby I would like to highlight the issue of service quality, a factor on which we place strong emphasis in the process of evaluating our laureates. The Chamber will continue to follow its members uncompromisingly and advocate for business conditions that will ensure the continuation of exceptional results, and thus an even stronger positioning of our country as a tourist destination.", said the president of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Luka Burilović.

The two-day program of this manifestation will be crowned with the awarding of prizes and awards, and thus the annual tourist awards will be awarded on October 06, that is, on October 07, tourist awards will be awarded to the best in the actions of the Croatian Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

Website and application

A website was created this year www.danihrvatskogturizma.hr and a mobile application. Through the website and application, it is possible to create a profile and follow everything about the events, excursions and accommodation related to the Days of Croatian Tourism 2022.

In addition, after payment of the registration fee, users will be able to book accommodation in Amadria Park, where this year's Days of Croatian Tourism are being held, through the aforementioned e-services. 

Find the Croatian Tourism Day program as well as information about applications HERE.

Open applications for the Annual Croatian Tourist Awards

As a reminder, the Croatian Tourist Board has opened online applications for Annual Croatian Tourist Awards, which will be awarded this year as part of the event Days of Croatian tourism, a traditional meeting of tourism workers and all stakeholders of the Croatian tourism system.

Applications are open for awards in the categories for the best destination of the year, event of the year, cultural attraction of the year, natural attraction of the year and for unique gastronomic experience of the year. Applications are also being accepted for the award People in tourism, in which the Annual Award is awarded "Anton Štifanić", Lifetime Achievement Award and reward "Man - the key to success, employee of the year".

Two new categories

Within the category Destination of the year two new subcategories were introduced for the most successful sustainable tourism destination (innovative and smart destination) and for the most successful continental city tourism destination, while with the aim of encouraging the development, preservation and promotion of gastronomy, this year the award category was introduced for unique gastronomic experience of the year.

Let's add that the deadline for submitting candidacies is Friday, August 12, 2022., with a note on how to apply for "Anton Štifanić" annual award i Lifetime Achievement Award received by Wednesday, 31. August 2022.

Author  HrTurizam.hr

9. August 2022.