Digital nomadic tourism in central Istria? The first step has been taken

As part of the Digital Nomads-in-Residence – Central Istria project, 12 digital nomads got to know central Istria as a destination for remote work.

15. December 2022.

Within the project Digital Nomads-in-Residence – Central Istria, Central Istria Tourist Board hosted 1 digital nomads from December 14 to 2022, 12, who during their stay got to know central Istria as a destination for remote work.

"The Tourist Board of Central Istria has been implementing the project Live and Work in Central Istria since 2021 (Live and work in central Istria), with the aim of attracting digital nomads to a destination outside the main tourist season. At the beginning of December 2022, with partners - Saltwater Nomads, the Digital Nomad Association Croatia (DNA) and the Development Agency of the Heart of Istria from Pazin - the implementation of the second part of the project began., she said Sanja Kantaruti, director of the Tourist Board of Central Istria.

As part of the project, digital nomads learned more about the possibilities of staying and working remotely from central Istria, and through visits to winegrowers, olive groves, taverns and restaurants, they were introduced to enogastronomy, as well as active and adventurous activities in the area. In addition to learning about locations, traditional customs and the rich and varied offer, digital nomads also participated in workshops design thinking - personally and online - whose goal is to create an action plan to attract different profiles of guests to central Istria, in the period before and after the season.

"We expect that the workshops will design thinking to produce valuable proposals and examples of good practice applicable to the territory of the TZ of central Istria", points out Kantaruti. According to her, the first of the two, workation workshop was held in the House of Istrian Prosciutto in Tinjan, in co-organization with the Development Agency of the Heart of Istria, during which digital nomads had the opportunity to connect with local entrepreneurs and identify advantages workation (work + vacation concept) in the area of ​​central Istria. Also, as he states, they were presented with coworking space in Pazin, but also local entrepreneurs and networking opportunities.

Discovering the life of digital nomads in central Istria

Digital nomads Anna Traylor (Twine), Bobby Grubic (Artonix Studios), Han Talbot (The Remote Life), Ronald Tardiff (World Economic Forum), Lorna Lacey (Remote Work Mentor), Lumin Grace participated in the implementation of the project. (Goddess Tapestry), Steve Tsentserensky (SBT Creative), Yvonne Wagoun (White Stag Tourism) and Dean Kuchel (United Nomads).

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"What you've seen in the past is that people would actually move from countries like the United States, Ireland or Germany to find work opportunities, but what has this revolution of remote work resulted in? The fact that people coming here from those countries they are not only looking for a place to work and live, but a lifestyle that suits them best. Croatia, and above all central Istria, is definitely a lifestyle destination that will attract many digital nomads - phenomenal gastronomy, fantastic wines and stunningly beautiful and preserved nature. Here you really can to enjoy a way of life that is different, better quality, more relaxed and safer and for people from the United States or other nations, a completely new experience and something that they undoubtedly strive for". He said John de Jong, president of the Croatian Digital Nomad Association.

Tanja Polegubić from Saltwater Nomads believes that Croatia is very well positioned on the map of many remote workers, leading the way with the introduction of visas for digital nomads and innovative events and projects. "This program proved that special attention should be paid to the rural parts of Croatia, especially in the period outside the main tourist season. Joint work on the creation of an action plan with decision-makers, nomads and the local community will result in guidelines for this region in the coming year, but also for the future I must point out that our stay here was a wonderful discovery - I am amazed by the potential and grateful to have discovered so many hidden gems of this wonderful destination.", concluded Polegubić.

"Central Istria is a great base for digital nomads who are looking for space to complete a project or to completely separate and explore a more rural region. Fellow digital nomads will be well received here and I am personally excited to witness the development of the area as a base for receiving digital nomads ", said Han Talbot of The Remote Life.

The future of digital nomadic tourism in central Istria

The Central Istria Tourist Board is the initiator of the project Live & Work in Central Istria, which aims to develop year-round tourism in the destination, attracting a new profile of guests - digital nomads. Namely, the goal of the project itself is to make central Istria a desirable destination for digital nomads, and in order to realize the desired goal, the project was realized Digital Nomads-in-Residence – Central Istria (DN-IR), and previously conducted education for renters and other stakeholders in the area's tourism, and prepared i Web page.

Why choose central Istria as a destination for living and working?

With beautiful nature, a high level of security, numerous activities, catering establishments offering indigenous cuisine and coworking space nearby, but also with very lively entrepreneurial activity, this area is the right choice for digital nomads and people whose daily work is not tied to a specific location / office space.

The founder of Digital Nomads Israel and United Nomads Dean Kuchel, who has traveled to more than 100 countries, said about his stay in central Istria: "I didn't have many expectations when I first came here, I thought there was little to do and that I would mostly work on my project here, but my stay here exceeded all my expectations – Jeep safari, Zip line, wineries, restaurants, the small beautiful towns, as if they were made for research, enchanted me."

A large selection of accommodation capacities, equipped with a good internet connection, as well as hospitable hosts and interesting events throughout the year are the perfect formula for a working holiday.

This project is co-financed by the Croatian Tourist Board through the Public tender for the allocation of funds for projects of joint tourist boards in 2022 and the Tourist Board of the County of Istria.

Source, photo: Central Istria Tourist Board

15. December 2022.