Digital nomads as ambassadors of our tourism

Digital nomads who have already received a visa to stay in Croatia are the best ambassadors of our tourism. Proof of this is Steve Tsentserensky, who "moved the office" from New York ...

Digital nomads who have already received a visa to stay in Croatia are the best ambassadors of our tourism.

Proof of this is also Steve Tsentserensky who “moved his office” from New York to Croatia for a year thanks to a visa for digital nomads in Croatia. Steve Tsentserensky is engaged in the production of native content through the production of video, photo and written content and is officially the 7th person in Croatia to receive a visa for digital nomads.

"I visited Zagreb for the first time in 2019 and immediately fell in love with the city. The mixture of beauty and charm of the city, warm people, excellent food, ease of movement and much more, my stay awakened happiness in me. I knew I wanted to go back for a longer stay, explore more and decided to do it in December. Luckily, the digital nomad visa became available shortly after I arrived, so I collected all the necessary paperwork and applied as quickly as I couldTsentserensky points out.

We know that the best marketing has always been and always will be exactly the "word of mouth", ie through personal recommendation. That is how Steve presented his experience of Zagreb through an excellent video, and thus gave his contribution to the promotion of Croatia.

When asked how easy it was to apply for a digital visa in Croatia, Steve said the whole process was surprisingly simple. “Applying for a digital visa in Croatia was surprisingly simple, there were a couple of minor difficulties here and there, but I think they will be smoothed out as more and more people go through the process”Concludes Steve.

Thanks Steve and welcome.

Recall, recently published online electronic filing system for digital nomads, Croatia has completed the whole administrative story about attracting digital nomads to Croatia.

Also, the Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) published on its website, a special subpage just for digital nomads - Croatia, your new office, which contains all important information related to the registration and stay of digital nomads in Croatia, and is currently active in the campaign in the British media, which aims to position Croatia as an attractive destination for digital nomads.

Currently, 37 applications are being processed for visas for digital nomads, and 7 digital nomads have officially received visas for digital nomads. 

Jan de Jong, who launched an initiative for Croatia to introduce visas for digital nomads and one of the founders Croatian Digital Nomad Association, points out that any positive announcement about Croatia greatly raises Croatia's visibility on the global map. “Digital nomads will publish their experiences from Croatia through their social networks, blogs, roles time and thus raise the visibility of Croatia all over the world, and Steve's video shows just thatSays de Jong.

Digital nomads who have chosen Croatia are certainly attracted to the way of life, he points out Tanja Polegubić from Saltwater and emphasizes that with the growing number of digital nomads coming to Croatia, they all share their stories on online forums, media, social media and among their personal networks.

"Coming to the community is important - what attracts them is meeting people who choose the same lifestyle and the ability to network professionally. Croatia needs to support these sectors, show that digital nomads are welcome, and visas for digital nomads are a positive example of this. In terms of global interest, I guess many “potential” digital nomads and people who work from home don’t even think about traveling yet, because they don’t know what their employers or clients will want when vaccinations are accelerated and air travel becomes more accessible again. Not only are the borders open, but flight availability in general", Polegubic points out.

Of course, the current situation is unpredictable and more than challenging, but it is certain that from next year, regardless of Covid19, it will stabilize significantly and the economy will start. Also, before the Covid crisis, Croatia was more and more connected to the whole world from year to year thanks to new airlines. And it will be again. That is why today's news is good news Ryanair to connect Zagreb with a total of 12 European destinations: Brussels, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Memmingen, Milan, Rome, Podgorica, Oslo, Gothenburg, Paris and London, and the offer is already visible on the official website of the airline.

Digital nomads from all over the world move to Dubrovnik for a month

In cooperation with the City of Dubrovnik, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, and Saltwater Nomads and Total Croatia News, the a competition aimed at digital nomads from all over the world. The winners of the competition, ten of them, will participate in the program “The Dubrovnik digital nomad-in-residence”, and as part of the program will implement month in Dubrovnik, will undergo training for professional development, participate in workshops and present their findings on the design of Dubrovnik as a city adapted to digital nomads. Dubrovnik, on the other hand, will receive excellent promotion in the global community of digital nomads.

"In our work with the city of Dubrovnik, very few applicants are from the UK, they do not even consider Croatia because of their local laws - which is interesting because we know that guests from the UK are one of the most numerous visitors to Dubrovnik. So, when national laws and border restrictions become less restrictive, I assume that there will be an increase in digital nomads in Croatia. Especially with activities from the public and private sector, and of course the media”Concludes Polegubić.

Also, many global media, such as CNN and Lonely Planet , write about Croatia as an ideal destination for digital nomads. Also, day by day, more and more positive stories appear from digital nomads who are in Croatia and who thus make us free advertising and spread the story of Croatia as a great destination for digital nomads.

Digital nomads are the best ambassadors of the locations where they live because they experience them with their temporary home and manage to experience a lot more emotions than the average tourist with a short stay, he points out. Tomislav Pancirov, digital nomad and lifestyle entrepreneur and adds that everything of course depends on the proactivity of digital nomads and their level of content creation.

"Despite the fact that the personal brand is extremely important for digital nomads, not all realized communities on social networks have. What the promotion will be depends on the programs and activities that will be targeted, such as this one in Dubrovnik or previously organized by the Destination campaign Share Istria, which brought influencers to Istria. In order for someone to truly convey an authentic experience it is essential that all stakeholders are involved. Just because someone is an individual renter doesn’t mean they can’t run their own campaigns. It is the period with less occupancy, on the wave of popularity of digital nomadism and visas, that is ideal for branding in cooperation with digital nomads.”Pancirov pointed out and added that he personally participated in two content campaigns in which the target was digital nomads.

"The campaign for the long stay concept in Valamar's Istra Premium Camping Resort had a domestic target in focus, while the campaign for the promotion of COIN Coworking in Zadar had a foreign target in focus", Concludes Pancirov.

Finally, it should be noted that most domestic hoteliers have jumped into a new trend through a long stay offer targeting digital nomads or people whose jobs are not related to a fixed office. The last of them is the Marvie Hotel & Health, which additionally joined forces with the Croatian fintech startup and introduced cryptocurrency payments.


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