What do guests want and what do they not want from a TV set?

In recent years, the possibilities for the use of TV sets in hotel rooms have significantly expanded, so today, with various software solutions, it is possible to offer guests a variety of content and services that will ...

In recent years, the possibilities for the use of TV sets in hotel rooms have significantly expanded, so today, with various software solutions, it is possible to offer guests a variety of content and services that will complete their stay. The question is whether hotels offer guests via TV and smart devices during their stay what they really want.

What do guests not want from a TV set?

Research shows that paying extra for services that allow watching movies and series in hotel rooms has become quite unpopular and is causing dissatisfaction among tourists. In contrast to this type of television offer, guests express a desire exclusively for a quality Wi-Fi network and high-speed Internet.

Also, if the hotel does not want to arouse nostalgia in the guest, old TVs, small sizes and poor quality images must be excluded from use.

What do guests want from a TV set?

And while on the one hand it is very easy to determine what is best to avoid when it comes to TV content in rooms, research among guests shows different requirements in this area. However, the most important thing is to ensure high (HD) TV signal quality, interactive content, compatibility of the TV with mobile devices and exclusive content that guests cannot get at home.

The picture quality of the TV and the size are of great importance. The use of LED smart hotel TVs is advised as they have a clearer picture, and 40-inch devices are recommended for 4-star hotels, to at least 49 inches in 5-star hotels.

Watching series and movies is common, but today TV devices also allow the use of social networks Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Vimeo, Radio, Facebook. Also, guests will find their stay much easier if they can view the list of local sights, order food, schedule treatments or communicate with the hotel reception via TV. On the other hand, this field opens the possibility for the promotion of hotel contents and offers through which hoteliers can point out messages with current promo offers via TV and increase their income.

The impact of new digital technologies on tourism can completely change the ways of doing business in the hotel industry, and the process of integrating software solutions into hotel businesses will be especially significant when millennials make up the absolute majority of tourists in the world.

Software solutions for hotels

One of the platforms that has proven to be extremely suitable for both guests and hoteliers in recent years is Hoteza, a software solution that is already in use in many hotels in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia, as well as in Russia, Switzerland, China…

Hoteza is a multifunctional platform and responds to all the wishes of tourists who want to have everything at their fingertips, with a minimum level of communication with the hotel staff face to face. This platform includes mobile, TV and app located on the tablet in the hotel room, touch screen screens in the lobby or at the reception, screens inside the hotel and a unique Wi-Fi system.

A special segment of the platform that fully meets the requirements of younger guests and the latest technological advances is the hotel television platform - HotezaTV.

Amenities for guests

The basis of Hoteza TV is in the offer of communication with the hotel staff, possibilities for ordering services, providing information about interesting destinations in the vicinity of the hotel and certainly the possibility of watching various television contents. Since Hoteza TV is connected to other segments of the platform, it fully allows guests to get everything they want.

The TV system is easy to use and is designed according to the principle that every guest can use it very easily. Thanks to the simplicity of the system, ordering services via the hotel's smart TV is very affordable. This means that guests can order food, book a place in a restaurant, schedule a massage or request services that have so far been performed in a completely new way - waking up, ordering daily newspapers and the like can now do all this on TV. Also, the system includes information relevant to the guest, and related to local attractions, recommendations of restaurants, clubs or museums. A special relief is the connection with the smartphones of the guests, which means that it is possible to watch videos from the phone directly on the Hoteza hotel television.

Comfort is also provided by the possibility to control the lighting or temperature inside the room via a remote TV control.

Amenities for hoteliers

In particular, Hoteza TV gives the hotel the opportunity for additional income. This is an ideal opportunity to promote hotel facilities that are not covered by the arrangements, and statistics show a larger number of orders for food and drinks from the rooms via the hotel’s smart TV.

The sale of spa treatments, souvenirs or seasonal offers is also more common when promoted via television than through flyers and printed materials.

The benefit of the hotel is reflected in the ability to control the TV from the reception and the very easy introduction of newspapers into the entire system. Also, instead of calling the reception so far, guests can send a message directly to the hotel staff through the Hoteza system, which helps guests and hoteliers in many ways. The Hoteza platform enables detailed monitoring of statistics, and the information collected from the system gives hoteliers accurate and relevant data on occupations, the most frequently used services, impressions and simply - the behavior of visitors.

The advantage of this platform is reflected in the saving of working materials and working hours. All information and photos that are regularly printed for hotel rooms can now be displayed on a TV and digitized. According to the hotels that use the Hoteza system, the savings are very significant. Also, global support from Samsung, LG and Philips provides the best project prices for the purchase of hotel televisions for each hotel individually.

Hotel experiences

The director of Kempinski Hotel Adriatic in Umag, Croatia, Fiorela Morožin, points out the advantages of the interactive hotel system as the simplicity of current changes and timely publication of information to hotel guests, quick and easy use of various hotel services by hotel guests.

In Terme Olimia in Slovenia, the Hoteza system has been operating since the renovation of their best Hotel Sotelia before the 2016 summer season. “In about half a year of using Hotez, we have significantly improved the information of our guests, and we are especially satisfied with the function of offering additional services, which has improved the results of internal sales. In my opinion, the biggest advantage of Hoteza is that it works not only on the hotel TV system but also as an application on mobile phones, which increases the level of information of guests. Due to the good experience, we are already planning to upgrade the system by including "public TV" in it and thus informing guests in the places where they stay the most.", Says Vasja Čretnik, director of marketing and sales at Terme Olimia in Slovenia.

The current needs of guests and hoteliers almost completely match the possibilities it offers Hoteza system which is mostly used in Croatia and Slovenia, and hotels in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia are showing more and more interest.

The benefits it brings Nice platform they are reflected in much more efficient hotel management, two-way communication with guests, increasing revenue, but also in aligning with the needs of millennials and following global trends in the hotel industry.

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