Digitization: Plitvice Lakes National Park started a partnership with Orioly

Every company has a vision to change the world or the environment around them. October 2023 will be marked by the domestic travel-tech company Orioly as one of...

Author  HrTurizam.hr

November 28, 2023

Every company has a vision to change the world or the environment around them.

October 2023 in a domestic travel-tech company Orioly will mark as one of those moments because they proudly announced that they have started cooperation with our most famous Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, as the flagship of Croatian tourism, decided to create the first in its segment a digital step forward and opened additional promotional opportunities your offers. All thanks to digitization. 

They did it in such a way that in 2019, as part of the Action Plan for visitor management, when they introduced the system online ticket purchases. For this reason, a system was created with limited number of tickets per hour and entrance, more favorable afternoon prices season ticket as well as cheaper ticket prices off seasons.

/ / / Plitvice Lakes National Park has started cooperation with GetYourGuide

However, they did not stop there, but from this year, more precisely, at the end of October, they started cooperation between their own ticket collection system and GetYourGuide platform, the integration of which was established precisely from Orioles-a

This integration makes it possible to coordinate sales on OTA channels and through your own web shop. In this way, the potential problem of overbooking, which represents a risk in the case of sales through multiple channels, was avoided.

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"For the past few months, we have been quietly developing the connection of several systems that will enable our UNESCO-protected pearl to be sold through new channels. It is a complex project that we managed to realize within just two months." she stated Vesna Milanović, Customer success manager from Orioly.

The opening of such a sales channel will enable promotion and sales on similar global platforms, simpler optimization of marketing and sales campaigns, expansion and extension of the season, as well as the development of new tourist products for a more demanding target audience.

The project itself was realized within two months, and it was worked on by the marketing and sales teams of NP Plitvička jezera, the web shop team and the development team of Orioly, whose technology enables online reservations and payments and the distribution of offers to online travel agencies.

"Everyone who works in travel tech lives for moments like this. Moments when your work is recognized by world-renowned pearls of tourism. All members of the Orioly team are proud that in this way we are leaving an additional mark in the digitization of Croatian tourism. Our development team is extremely satisfied with the efficient cooperation of several teams, and in 2024 we expect to continue writing this great story.He said Ivan Ilijašić, owner of Orioly

With this move, Plitvice Lakes National Park has shown that they are following trends that will enable them to develop new ideas and products, but also ensure better promotion and meeting the digital needs of tourists, which certainly include a simpler process of booking and paying for the desired experience.

The year 2023 once again showed that global and domestic tourism must embark on a digital transformation in order to manage its business more easily and raise the quality of service. Without digitization in tourism today, there is no serious business and development.

Author  HrTurizam.hr

November 28, 2023