Winners of the Marco Polo Award, Goran Rihelj among the winners

Organized by FIJET Croatia and the Association of Tourist Journalists of the Croatian National Theater, the winners of the Marco Polo Award for the best tourist reports were announced. As the organizers pointed out, the journalists who encouraged with their reports, ...

Organized by FIJET Croatia and the Association of Tourist Journalists of the Croatian National Theater, the winners of the Marco Polo Award for the best tourist reports were announced. As the organizers pointed out, the journalists who encouraged, approached or discovered domestic destinations with their research from the immediate surroundings to undiscovered beauties with their reports, authentic events and travels deservedly are among the winners.

The Marco Polo Award also went to Goran Rihelj

Ours also received the FIJET Croatia award Goran Rihelj, founder and editor-in-chief of the HrTurizam portal, for publishing reports and articles on Croatian destinations on portals i Tourist stories. Two years ago, a lover of his Slavonian region, Goran, among fellow journalists, launched a lobbying project for the Croatian Tourism Day (DHT) in Slavonia. He was also supported in the initiative by Selimir Ognjenović, tour operator of ID Riva tours, and what seemed impossible for the organization in 2018 was realized in 2019. In the last 5 years, it has published more than 7.600 news, stories, interviews and other important information in the field of tourism. In 2020, media support for the Vrbovec TV project "What did our ancestors eat". The "Tourist Stories" portal also includes various authors and their collaborators from undiscovered or less prominent media destinations. Goran Rihelj explored the possibilities of continental Croatia, such as the latest: WINE STORIES OF SRIJEM - The story of branding Srijem as a top wine destination.

Along with Goran Rihelj, journalists who, with their reports, encouraged, approached or discovered domestic destinations with research from the immediate surroundings to undiscovered beauties, authentic events and travels, deservedly are among the winners.

Marco Polo Awards
Marco Polo Award is a famous travel writer
Photo: HND

Marija Barić she has been a tourist journalist, editor and owner of the portal for many years HIA - Croatia, Emigration, World, and received the award for publication reports on Ozalj and upper Pokuplje. Continuously presents and transmits its own experiences from domestic destinations, mostly undiscovered, authentic, interesting to discover, with special emphasis on tradition, culture and heritage of the destination.

Nada Mirkovic, a freelance journalist and columnist for leading magazines, publishing stories about phenomena, events, interesting people, beautiful things. She received the award for reportage Enchanting scents of Croatia published in summer issue of the travel magazine Croatia Airlines. He is a contributor to the travel magazine Croatia Airlines, which, despite Covid's measures, continued to appear in an electronic edition with reports on Croatia in 2020. In the summer issue of the magazine, she published a report entitled Enchanting Fragrances of Croatia, where, along with photographs by Ivo Pervan, she approached the beauties of fragrances and the diversity of 5000 plants and spices in Croatia.

The award for foreign journalist goes to Slovenia

In the Foreign Journalist category, she received the award at the suggestion of the FIJET Executive Board Albina Podbevšek from Slovenia. Long-term tourist journalist, recently retired, but with regular publication in the most popular newspaper "DELO" in Slovenia. She is a long-term member of FIJET, until 2017, as a member of the National Association FIJET Slovenia, and after the dissolution of the association, an individual member. She has participated in most FIJET congresses, as well as in several study trips organized by FIJET. From all these events, she published a series of travelogues, reports - from Moscow, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Greece… Reports are published in special issues of the Slovenian magazine DELO.

Marko Polo Grand Prix went to Goran Milić

Goran Milic he received the award for his reports in the weekly specialized HRT show "Destinacija Hrvatska". It is a dynamic mosaic show about tourism that opens topics and asks clear questions about the state of Croatian tourism, but also its future. Goran Milić, as a regular contributor to the shows, brings stories from Croatian destinations, which are also available on the You Tube channel: the story of Kraljevica, Mljet, Vir, Konavle. Milić is a recognizable and respected author, doyen of reports and travelogues from different parts of the world: Kuwait, both the Americas, Switzerland, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina - extremely watched shows on HTV and Al Jeezer. He published 30 articles for the show Destinacija Hrvatska, from taking garbage to the islands around Dubrovnik, through Napoleon's trails on Pelješac, to rebuilding destroyed hotels.

Marco Polo Award for travelogue about Zagreb

Željka Kunštek for the report "In the idyll of Žumberak". Kunštek published a series of reports entitled "Zagreb County - Top destination for top trips", in the edition May 2019 - April 2020. Reports Mystical Zagreb and the idyll of Žumberak were published in the issue May 2020 - April 2021 in the online magazine TYPE TRAVEL in the winter and spring issue of 2020 in three languages: Croatian, English, German. The magazine brings interesting travelogues, reports, travel ideas, a range of experiences and useful tips from the author's experience, announcements of various events.

Special recognitions

Tomislav Radić for published reports about Rhodes in Greece, the host of the last Fieta congress in 10 media. Radić is a long-term tourist journalist and a member of Fijet Hrvatska, a regular member of the delegation from Croatia at all congresses and a constant journalist with the largest number of reports or news about the host country or congress. Collaborating with many regional newspapers, tourist portals, he published nine reports and articles on online newspapers, and an interview with Tijana Haddad on Croatian Radio. In this way, he stood out among all participants with the number of announcements about the host country and the Congress.

Special recognition Vecernji list and editors Marina Borovac (charter) for the project of a series of reports on Croatian destinations "Let's go on a trip". It is a project that enriches the overall knowledge about the tourist opportunities and resources of certain parts of our beautiful country. The invitation to potential users reads: take the trail, walk the mountains, experience autumn at sea, discover mystical routes of historical and natural beauty, from settlements to museums, cycling tours, experience forests, etc. with a view of the whole of Croatia.


This is an award assigns the first time. The award was established in 2020 with the aim of awarding individuals who, through their public activities, inscriptions or images, contribute to the credible and ethical promotion of the truth about diversity, especially when it comes to historical, cultural and natural heritage in countries most affected by poverty, hunger, terrorism and war. .

By the decision of the Executive Board of FIJET, the first prize is awarded Tijana Haddad, President of FIJET. The President of FIJET, with his long-term public activity and behavior and influence in tourism, has contributed to cooperation in the community and the preservation of human values, diversity in the world, preservation of culture, heritage and above all peace. Through his work within the UNWTO, as well as his leadership of FIJET, he has shown that he understands the interrelationship between his rights and the rights of others, and has contributed to the development of tolerance, respect for diversity and human rights.

The FIJET TOLERANCE National Award is given Hrvoje Ivančić, a writer, travel writer and documentary filmmaker. Ivančić usually chooses foreign destinations quite spontaneously. He also goes to "dangerous places" where wars are fought, from where the inhabitants go into exile, but also to insufficiently known destinations where in his books and travelogues we meet new cultures, people and customs. Every culture has left its mark on him, he has learned a lot on all his travels, wanting to bring it closer to the readers of his books such as: Danube Blues, Samsara Road to the East, For Atar… By inscriptions or paintings a word about the historical, cultural and natural heritage in the countries most affected by poverty, hunger, terrorism and wars. The film about Syria, which he made during his last stay in that country, aroused great interest of the Croatian public, published a collection of stories "Za'atar".

His statement "I set out to travel with the intention of changing the world, but the world eventually changed me", speaks best of his mission of embracing diversity, learning about different cultures and customs, and working with his books and lectures on a society of tolerance of diversity, especially in countries most affected by poverty, hunger, terrorism and war.

The awards are given by the Jury consisting of Jadranka Rilović, Hrvoje Zovko, Anita Žuvela Hitrec and Ante Gavranović (president). The author of the Marco Polo project is the tourist journalist Tina Čubrilo, who started it in 2010 with the aim of promoting tourist reporting as a form of journalism.

Source and photo: Croatian Journalists' Association

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