Domestic cooperation for the global market: Great synergy of CircuitMess and the Museum of Illusions

This is the added value of tourism that we must strive for

Author  Goran Rihelj

20. April 2024.

The Museum of Illusions presented the latest edition to Illusion Shops around the world or a new item in the gift shop - Infinity Mirror Pendant.

But it is a significant new "souvenir" because it was made in cooperation with a local company CircuitMessom whose founder is Albert Gajšak. 

The Infinity Mirror pendant is a miniature version of the 'Infinity Mirror', an exhibit that plays with the illusion of infinite depth and light through reflection, found in museums of Illusion around the world.

"As our mission is to educate visitors about the science behind illusions through imaginative exhibits, we are pleased to collaborate with another company focused on technology and education. This synergistic partnership is certainly strengthened by the Croatian roots of both companies, our passion for technology and, which is most importantly, the desire to expand STEM education for all generations, especially children." according to the Museum of Illusions. 

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The product Infinity Mirror Pendant is completely produced in Croatia.

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We are delighted to announce a successful collaboration with the Museum of Illusions. From concept to reality, we're excited to show you the Infinity Mirror Pendant - your illusion in motion, according to CircuitMess.

"We at CircuitMess are immensely proud of our latest creation and are deeply grateful to the Museum of Illusions for allowing us to expand STEM education to a wider audience. Similar to the Infinity Mirror illusion, our product shares its mesmerizing properties, but with the addition - it is designed to be worn around the neck , at the same time as an elegant and futuristic fashion statement." they stated from CircuitMess. 

This is the added value of tourism that I constantly emphasize. Exports, opening doors to our companies on global markets, branding the country and synergy with domestic companies, such as this example of synergy with CircuitMess. Phenomenal cooperation and an example to others. 

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/ / / The largest Museum of Illusions in Europe is located in Copenhagen and offers completely new exhibits - created in Croatia!

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The story of the Museum of Illusions began in Zagreb, then with a second location in Zadar, and today they are present in over 40 locations around the world with the goal of opening 100 locations that they are planning by the end of 2026.

The Infinity Mirror Pendant is currently available at the Museum of Illusions in Copenhagen and Zagreb.

And finally, perhaps the most significant fact is that the production of CircuitMess STEM products as well as exhibits for Illusion Museums around the world is precisely in Croatia. And not in some distant countries.

We export knowledge and products, we encourage the growth of the local economy - and everything is united by tourism as a perfect glue. 

Photo: CircuitMess

Author  Goran Rihelj

20. April 2024.