Domestic travel agencies on a b2b trip to Slavonia: How to get to know Slavonia in four days?

The tourist area of ​​eastern Croatia, which includes five Slavonian counties and is jointly promoted under the brand "Slavonia", has been enriched with several new tourist facilities. Especially significant and encouraging is the fact that ...

Tourist area of ​​eastern Croatia, which includes five Slavonian counties and jointly promoted under the brand "Slavonia", has been enriched with several new tourist facilities. Particularly significant and encouraging is the fact that these are projects and contents that have managed to turn potentials into concrete content and together they offer another extremely attractive image of Slavonia.

In order to grow organized tourist arrivals in Slavonia, strengthen the local economy, strengthen Slavonia in the tourist image of Croatia through a new campaign and narrative "The land of stories and the sea of ​​experiences", regional tourist boards of the Slavonia cluster and the Croatian National Tourist Board organized thematic study trip to Slavonia for representatives of domestic travel agencies.

It is important to emphasize the domestic travel agencies, because the right travel agencies are key to the development of continental tourism, as well as the focus on the domestic guest. Director of the Tourist Board of Vukovar-Srijem County, Rujana Bušić Srpak, the participants of the study trip were delighted with the new contents and offer.

"We invited domestic travel agencies through the system of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce UHPE, UTPAH and HOK. The criterion for selecting the agencies that will participate in this trip, given the limited number due to epidemiological reasons, was that these are agencies that already have something in their offer from the area of ​​Slavonia. We five directors of tourist boards from this area went through the list of applicants and made a selection of those who may be the fastest to start doing some new programs for Slavonia because they have some experience of working in Slavonia”States Bušić Srpak and adds that this is how they got a group of 16 participants.

Spačva / Photo: Vukovar-Srijem County

The topic of the study trip is new contents for stay in nature, rural area and enogastronomy. The study trip, which lasted four days, aimed to introduce travel agencies to the new tourist programs in Slavonia, and included all five Slavonian counties, from Noskovac through Papuk and the road Garčin all the way to Vukovar and Erdut.

"The aim of the trip is to present new content and a new offer in the field of living in nature, rural areas and eno-gastronomy. The area of ​​the county is also geographically large, there is a lot of travel and kilometers and a lot of time goes on travel between destinations and that is why we did not want to show on that trip something that is already known or seen or seen through the media. We went to new contents of both private and public investments in the topic I mentioned”Adds Bušić Srpak.

On Friday, a B2B workshop was held between the participants of the trip and domestic agencies from the area of ​​Slavonia, as Bušić Srpak points out, they also invited Slavonian agents to get acquainted with potential partners. “The goal is for them to be their partners here and an extended hand for technical matters, organization, reception, ie a local partner, since they still know their destination best.”Concludes Bušić Srpak.

Below we bring you an itinerary of four days passed by the agencies. And this is just one part of the itineraries that can be experienced in Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem. Slavonia already has so much to offer, it just needs to be discovered and get out of its comfort zone.

Those agencies that recognize this first will be at an advantage, as always, while others will still depend only on the summer season. Turn around, you don't have to look far, look at Hungary, Slovenia, Austria on your own and it is quite clear that continental tourism does not have potential, but works all year round.

Three days in Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem in Zagreb

Continuation of joint activities of the Slavonia cluster in this weakened postcovid time is a joint performance at the Weekend Destination / Week & Slavonia Festival (June 03 - 05, 2021), which will be held in Zagreb, more precisely in AvantGarden Event Square.

The Slavonia Tourist Cluster (Tourist Boards of Virovitica-Podravina, Požega-Slavonia, Brod-Posavina, Osijek-Baranja and Vukovar-Srijem counties) will present the attractions, contents and enogastronomy of eastern Croatia with b2b workshops, networking and music program every evening.

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ITINERARY FOR TRAVEL AGENCIES: How to get to know Slavonia in four days: nature, people and food

The journey began in the morning in Zagreb, and the first stop of the Slavonian adventure was Visitor center Dravska priča in Noskovci, in Virovitica-Podravina County. It is a UNESCO cross-border biosphere reserve Mura-Drava-Danube, which is located in the former summer house of Count Drašković. The participants of the study trip took part in a tour of numerous contents for visitors and a multimedia exhibition, and got acquainted with the offer and contents of the Visitor Center Dravska priča.

After Noskovac, the journey continued to Suhopolje, more precisely to Visitor center Janković Castle. A cultural attraction and a protected immovable cultural asset of architectural heritage with a park around it, it has recently been renovated as a first-class tourist-accommodation destination. The castle itself was built in the mid-18th century, and its current appearance was given in the early 20th century. In addition to an interactive presentation of the history of the Janković family, it offers visitors an overview of the tourist and cultural facilities of Virovitica-Podravina County, as well as an overview of the Noble Route.

The participants of the study trip were introduced to the richness of the Virovitica vineyards, they enjoyed the center of Virovitica, in the park of Pejačević Castle, and the first day of the Slavonian tour ended in Kutjevo Castle, a former Jesuit residence, in Požega-Slavonia County

The next day began with an introduction to the natural beauties of Slavonia. From Kutjevo, the road led to Velika, that is, to Papuk Nature Park, the first geopark in Croatia. One of the newer attractions is House of the Pannonian Sea, a unique place that testifies to the past of the "Slavonian archipelago". This visitor-education center is part of the already existing Visitor Center in Velika, and on an area of ​​158 square meters, in addition to exhibition halls, there are multi-purpose lecture halls for interactive lectures, souvenir shops and outdoor classrooms. 

/ / / The house of the Pannonian Sea is an attractive sensation in the Papuk Nature Park

After learning more about the history, the participants of the study trip enjoyed another attraction of Papuk, Adrenaline park Duboka in which, with expert guidance, they had the opportunity to try out some of the many contents of the adrenaline top attractions of this part of Croatia.

/ / / Proposal for a weekend full of adrenaline with a stay in the fresh air: Adrenaline Park Duboka

From Požega-Slavonia, the guests headed towards Brod-Posavina County, where the first station was Nova Gradiška, more precisely Slavonian shop, where you can buy the finest Slavonian products and souvenirs. It is a story that connects domestic family farms and delicacies that are not to be missed.

/ / / The first authentic Slavonian shop for gastro-shopaholics

After getting acquainted with the autochthonous Slavonian products, we got acquainted with the winery Stupnički dvori in Brodski Stupnik and numerous contents on Ramarin Ranch in Garčin, and in the evening the second day of the trip ended in the oldest urban settlement in Europe, Vinkovci, or Vukovar-Srijem County.

/ / / The oldest European city of Šokac Romeo and Juliet

The third day of the study trip began in the municipality of Nijemci, with a boat ride to St. Catherine. The Germans are experiencing a real tourist boom, the offer is constantly being updated, and new accommodation is being opened in households, ie family farms. The Germans are closely geographically connected to the new project, the Island Whirlpools, respectively Bioecological-educational center Virovi. A walk along the educational trails of the Spačva Forest and a bike ride are just a part of the rich offer that the guests tried, after which they set off for Vukovar.

/ / / Island whirlpools - river, stream or swamp? A natural attraction that we do not know where it springs or where it springs

But before arriving in the City of Heroes, they visited the unique facility of private accommodation Maras Country House in Marinci. It is a large complex in a rural area that is acceptable to different types of organized groups or individuals. They visited the memorial area in Vukovar "Vukovar Water Tower - a symbol of Croatian unity" within which the central place is occupied by the renovated Water Tower, the tallest and most visible building in Vukovar. There is also the inevitable Museum of Vučedol Culture.


/ / / Vukovar water tower in the company of the world's most famous towers

From Vukovar-Srijem County, the study trip continued in Osijek-Baranja, more precisely in Erdut, where a tour and wine tasting was organized. Erdut vineyards. The third day of the trip ended in Baranja, more precisely in Karanak.

/ / / One of the largest European wine barrels is hidden in Erdut, and in it the count hid from his wife and played cards

The last day of the study trip began with a B2B workshop in which the participants of the trip and local, Slavonian agencies participated. This was followed by a trip to the Belje lookout, which is located on the Belje wine road above Karanac and a tour of the family farm Matijević in Suza, where guests tried Baranja kulen. After visiting the Josić Winery and the Catholic Surduk, the journey ended a panoramic ride through the Kopački rit Nature Park.

/ / / Why not visit Kopački rit and Baranja this spring

Cover photo: Eltz Castle - Vukovar, Miroslav Šlafhauzer

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