Eight of 11 Croatian spas with the certificate "Sustainable spas and spas"

Eight Croatian spas will receive "Sustainable Spas and Spas" certificates this week, after confirming through several months of certification that they apply green and sustainability standards in all business processes, ...
Photo: Terme Tuhelj

Eight Croatian spas will receive certificates "Sustainable spas and spas" this week after they confirmed through several months of certification that they apply green and sustainability standards in all business processes, point out the hotel association UPUHH, which developed the criteria for this certification, reports Lider magazine.

Out of a total of 11 spas in Croatia, the first certificates of sustainability of eight spas and thermal baths will be received at a ceremony in Zagreb on Wednesday this week, namely Sv. Martin na Muri, Terme Tuhelj, Varaždinske Toplice, Lječilište Veli Lošinj, Terme Jezerčica, Istarske Toplice, Bizovačke Toplice and Daruvarske Toplice.

"All of them have passed the demanding certification criteria and we believe that the certificates, as well as others in the world, will bring them not only more aware guests from the market where it has long been applied, such as Scandinavian and others, but also increase their competitiveness and revenue.“Points out the director of the Croatian Hotel Employers' Association (UPUHH) Iva Bahunek.

Recalling that a similar certification project for sustainable facilities in UPUHH has already been conducted for hotels, Bahunek notes that this spa is a continuation of the project "Green business in the hotel industry", which UPUHH launched in 2012 to define criteria and introduce so-called . green business in hotels, and thus raising the competitiveness of Croatian tourism. "So far, 42 hotels in Croatia have received the Sustainable Hotel certificate, after which we launched the Sustainable Spa and Spa certification project last spring, the goal of which was to introduce green business in facilities that meet the criteria of the UPUHH certificate by the end of last year. Sustainable Thermal Spa and Wellness Bahunek points out.

He adds that the hotel industry in the world has been including and implementing green business practices since 1990, and that this has today become almost an imperative of competitiveness. As part of the hotel industry, standards have also been developed for spas, which, in addition to hotel accommodation, also provide additional services related to health tourism. "With these certificates, Croatian spas and spas are included in the growing global trends of 'green' supply and demand, and there are many green practices that these facilities can implement such as energy efficiency, recycling, green roofs and others, thus reducing operating costs and reducing harmful environmental impact“Concludes Bahunek.

Source: HINA / Liderpress

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