An endemic phenomenon in our tourism. Synergy of the tourist board, Croatia Airlines and hoteliers

The peak of the season begins, everything revolves around earnings and crowds, although where, but in Dubrovnik crowds are not a problem. In fact, overtourism is the main challenge for ...

The peak of the season begins, everything revolves around earnings and crowds, although where, but in Dubrovnik crowds are not a problem. On the contrary, overtourism is the main challenge for Dubrovnik's tourism workers.

According to the eVisitor tourist check-in and check-out system, the two millionth overnight stay in Dubrovnik this year was realized on July 16, ie seven days earlier than 2018, which confirms the excellent tourist preseason and season, as well as the star status that Dubrovnik carries.

However, in the peak season in Dubrovnik, when the least is thought about expanding the season, at this very moment, some new motives for coming for the post-season are being created.

Namely, at the joint initiative of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the national airline Croatia Airlines, a meeting with Dubrovnik hoteliers was held today at the Grand Hotel Park on the topic of the 2019/2020 winter season.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Valamar hotels, Adriatic luxury hotels, Grand Hotel Park, Hotel Adria, Dubrovnik Gardens of the Sun, Rixos Libertas and Importanne Resort, as well as the director of the travel agency Obzor putovanja, wholly owned by Croatia Airlines.

The meeting was held with the aim of defining a joint product of hoteliers and Croatia Airlines for the German market in the upcoming winter season, given the winter route Dubrovnik - Frankfurt national airline, which is realized within the strategic projects of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and Croatian Tourist Board.

According to the announcements of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, 11 hotels will be open during the winter, and the intention is to ensure a better promotion of Dubrovnik as a winter destination through a joint approach. As part of this initiative, a winter package will be offered, which, in addition to airline tickets and hotel accommodation, will also include an expanded offer.

In addition to online and offline promotion, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and Croatia Airlines, in cooperation with their representative offices in Frankfurt, will hold a joint presentation for local travel agents in September.

So simple, logical, market oriented and the only way to extend the tourist season. The recipe has long been known: the synergy of everyone in the tourist destination, quality and authentic content, market-oriented, targeted campaign and promotion, and so for at least three years in a row and the result will come. That it takes time, but it is necessary to position oneself and create a need and a habit to come to a destination outside the concept of sun and sea. Of course, Dubrovnik as a top and globally recognized destination certainly has an easier job to tell its story. But this is a classic pattern and the first prerequisite for the development of tourism in the pre- and post-season.

So simple, and so rare, practically an endemic phenomenon in Croatia. Well done to Dubrovnik.

Of course, one is the form, and the other is the content, ie the execution of the same is important. Also, we should not forget that the motive for arrival is not accommodation, but the destination. In addition to the direct airline, open hotels, it is necessary to generate content in the destination. And in the case of Dubrovnik, it would be good to (look) outside their walls, ie frames, because great content for this type of guests is located only a hundred kilometers from the center of Dubrovnik and waiting for tourists to discover them. From Pelješac (top wines, especially Dingač), Ston (oysters and Ston walls) Korčula (Marco Polo), NP Mljet, etc.… all this is excellent quality content just to extend the tourist season, the number of days of guests, increase tourist spending and thus relieving the city of Dubrovnik, because certainly how the guests will one day visit Dubrovnik. Win-win for everyone. Thus, Dubrovnik can be positioned as a destination of 7 days, not three or one day.

On the other hand, last year we had over 20 million arrivals in Croatia. So, tourists are in our "sales salon", they are on vacation, no competition, no noise in communication, they are relaxed and we are sure to hear our message, we just have to tell them a story and give a good enough motive to visit us again, but this way in pre or postseason.

It is the peak of the tourist season, did you tell the guests the story of their return in three or four months?

Photo: Dubrovnik Tourist Board



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