Event industry: Hundreds of open-air concerts, events and festivals have been held since June without a single recorded case of virus infection

The Committee for Event Industry of the Voice of Entrepreneurs sent a reaction regarding the appearances of tourist associations and epidemiologists regarding the recommendations for canceling the event due to the danger of the spread of coronavirus, and all ...

The Voice of Entrepreneurs event industry committee sent a reaction regarding the statements of tourist associations and epidemiologists about the recommendations to cancel the event due to the danger of spreading coronavirus, all with the aim of prolonging the tourist season.

They point out that they understand that the current epidemiological situation certainly deserves attention and caution and responsible behavior of all citizens, especially those who represent the organizers of events, concerts, festivals and gatherings attended by a large number of people.

Event organizers are aware of the complexity of the situation and in this regard are ready to responsibly apply all applicable epidemiological measures, and in particular to ensure that all visitors attending the events fall into one of three categories - vaccinated, tested or overcome covid-19, according to Of the Event Industry Committee and add:

"Precisely because of this readiness, responsibility and dedication, the organizers of events and employees in the event industry can no longer remain silent and watch the constant appearances of individual epidemiologists and local staff leaders who do not give up in spreading hysteria around the event industry segment. It is impossible not to react to contradictory information, raising unnecessary panic and unargued provocation of festivals, concerts, parties, nightclubs and the like. Namely, if the valid measures prescribe that it is possible to gather without measures, provided that all visitors meet the above conditions, such events should be encouraged, not stigmatized. Event industry is the only industry in Croatia that in parallel with the introduction of COVID certificates applied the same without a transitional period and time of adjustment, and many concerts and festivals were canceled because they sold tickets under current measures from June that did not include the application of COVID certificates“, States the Committee for Event Industry of the Association of Entrepreneurs.

They also emphasize that the implementation of COVID is a confirmation at events one of the main motivations for the younger population to be vaccinated. The event industry as such, aware of the situation and problems, is probably one of them activities with the highest employee vaccination rate in the country. If the freedom of young people to assemble in compliance with the prescribed measures and the application of COVID certificates is called into question, they fear that many will wonder why they would be vaccinated at all.

"Our position is that no system, including this one, can be based on the opinions of individuals, unilateral statements and actions or uneven practice, especially when it comes to restricting the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, such as the right to assembly and the right to work. . The rules in such situations must be clear, transparent and equally applicable to all. As we have shown and proven throughout the corona crisis, we are willing to follow these rules, believing in the expertise of the staff and the people who make it up, but it is absolutely unacceptable for an entire industry to be stigmatized through loud statements by individuals aimed at re-closing an entire industry.. "- He said Adnan Mehmedović, coordinator of the Event Industry Committee of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association.

The event industry is one of the drivers of the cultural and creative industries sector, which with more than 22 billion kuna and 17.000 employees make up 6,3% of GDP. Also, the event industry is a major tourist generator for Croatia with about 1 million visitors before the pandemic, both domestic and foreign, and the events are the best promoters of the destinations where they are held. It is important to point out that visitors to events stay in Croatia for up to seven days on average.

Since June 2021, when the decision came into force allowing the holding of cultural events again in compliance with epidemiological measures, over a hundred concerts, events and open-air festivals have been held. without a single recorded case infect visitors with the virus, so as an industry they wonder why they are constantly declared the main culprit and problem of the pandemic.

It should be emphasized that major cultural events and festivals, such as INmusic Festival, Ultra Europe, Fresh Island Festival, Sonus Festival, Advent, Sea Star Festival and many others that brought hundreds of thousands of visitors to Croatia, were canceled for the second year in a row.

Therefore, the event industry calls on the National Civil Protection Headquarters to make additional efforts to coordinate the implementation of existing measures, promote responsible behavior and vaccination.

"Namely, we want to emphasize that together we are in this difficult situation and that without cooperation, mutual respect and responsible behavior of all citizens it will not be possible to wait for the day when we will be able to live and work again as before before the pandemic. In this sense, we believe that it is necessary for both of us to work on raising awareness of responsibility and to isolate the actions and actions of irresponsible individuals, from whichever side they come from. Furthermore, we invite and ask the media to invite the other side for an opinion and statement when transmitting the statements of individuals whose goal is to close one complete branch and industry. In these difficult times, the only thing we ask from all involved entities is to be responsible and take care of our common health and existence.“, Conclude the Committee for Event Industry of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association.

Photo: Zagreb Burger Festival

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