Positive expectations on the eve of Ferragosto: There is a growing interest in Croatia

Italy has traditionally been one of the most important emitting markets for the Croatian tourism sector. So far this year, there have been 579 thousand arrivals and 2,3 million overnight stays, which compared to ...

Italy has traditionally been one of the most important emitting markets for the Croatian tourism sector.

In the previous part of the year, there were 579 thousand arrivals and 2,3 million overnight stays, which compared to the same period last year represents an increase of 1,3 percent in arrivals and 2,4 percent in overnight stays. 

Italians usually travel by car, almost 60 percent, then by plane, 20 percent, followed by train, bus and boat. Regarding travel reservations, about 56 percent of Italians book their trips directly, 37 percent do not book at all, while about 7 percent of them book their trips through an agency. 

From accommodation in Croatia, they prefer household facilities and hotels, while from the tourist offer they appreciate top gastronomy, natural beauty, nautical, and in the off-season especially health tourism.

"We have carried out key promotional activities on the Italian market, which is evident from the results achieved, but also from the numerous positive announcements that certainly contribute to creating a positive image and recognition of Croatia in this important market. Traditionally, Italians travel the most in August, and their favorite foreign destinations are Greece, Spain and Croatia, where they most often travel to Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia, but they are increasingly discovering the continental part of our country, especially Zagreb, " Viviana Vukelic, Director of the CNTB Representation in Italy, emphasized.

Positive results were also achieved in July, during which Italian tourists made 209 thousand arrivals and 1,1 million overnight stays, which compared to July last year represents an increase of 1,5 percent in arrivals and 3 percent in overnight stays.

The director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Kristjan Staničić, emphasizes that these results are excellent indicators for Ferragosto, the period when the largest number of Italian tourists stay in Croatian destinations. "The majority of tourist traffic from the Italian market is yet to follow, which is confirmed by the announcements for August and the first half of September by key partners, tour operators and agencies. It is the result of a continuous and proactive promotional strategy that includes numerous marketing and PR campaigns, but also excellent cooperation with Italian partners. ", said director Staničić, adding that the improving transport connections between Italy and Croatia are a stimulating factor for further growth of tourist traffic from this market.   

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On the eve of the main tourist season, the Italian media mostly wrote about the Croatian islands and the coast, summer festivals, locations where the popular series was filmed. "Game of Thrones", national parks, beautiful beaches, and detailed reports on travel on motorcycles and campers, according to the CNTB.

Specialized magazine "Caravan and CamperHe dedicated his cover Korcula calling it timeless, while the cover of the popular magazine "Swallow“Beautiful Vrbnik on the island of Krk, respectively Hvar lavender fields i Makarska riviera which adorns the cover of the magazine "Bell'Europa“. In the June issue of the specialized sailing magazine "The Vela Day“A detailed report on sailing about Croatia was published, bringing a series of information on where to sail in Croatia, in which waves to rest, which destinations to visit on the islands and the coast, and all of the above is illustrated with photographs of Kornati found on the cover, they conclude from the CNTB.

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