Falkensteiner introduced free testing of its guests on covid19 in its hotels

As Austria and Italy put Croatia on the "red list", ie introduced mandatory testing on covid19 for all those returning from Croatia, Falkensteiner reacted proactively and from ...

As Austria and Italy put Croatia on the "red list", ie introduced mandatory testing on covid19 for all returning from Croatia, Falkensteiner reacted proactively and two days ago introduced free testing (PCR test) of its guests for coronavirus inside their facilities . A move that is proof of how much they care about their guests and which will certainly ease this embarrassing situation for their guests.

Especially from the perspective of foreign tourists, who would have to find themselves where they can be tested in Croatia, go to a health clinic where they would certainly not feel as safe as in the safety of a hotel that is familiar to them. This avoids many questions, especially for families with children, such as: Where is the clinic? How to get to it? Is it safe? Is it crowded? etc.… which is further emphasized in a crisis situation. I emphasize, they are foreigners in our country, just turn the situation around and put yourself in that situation in another foreign country where you have no one to turn to or call for help, and you are still with the children.

"In order to facilitate the return of our guests from these two countries, we decided to donate a test for Covid-19 and in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health organized daily visits to the resort to take samples on the spot, so guests do not have to go to Zadar to the Institute”They point out from Falkensteiner.

Falkensteiner went a step further.

For those guests who do not want to be tested in a hotel, ie Croatia, Falkensteiner has provided a discount of 50 EUR per person, so that guests can be tested in their countries, and thus cover the cost of testing. Well done to Falkensteiner. I am sure that the guests will really appreciate it and how they got new regular guests.

Measures in Falkensteiner hotels in four languages

Also, these should certainly highlight Falkensteiner’s reaction to the covid crisis and the preparations before the hotel opened. For the needs of the guests through video and website (in four languages: Croatian, German, English and Italian) they explained all the procedures, gave answers to key questions and epidemiological measures they took to make guests feel safe.

Clear, transparent and safe. Exactly what the guests needed to decide to come to Croatia.

All information on safe stay at the Falkensteiner Hotel, ie how they prepared before the opening of the hotel, see HERE

An example for all students as an excellent case study of crisis communication, ie crisis decision making in hotel management. If they only looked at profit from Falkensteiner, the cost of testing is certainly an unplanned cost, they might have earned a few thousand euros more this season, but this way they definitely profited in the long run, because I'm sure guests will appreciate it and get new regular guests. . Regular guests who will be recommended by Falkensteiner and guests who will come tomorrow via direct booking, ie booking, without commission on booking portals.

This is not an expense, but an investment and, logically, a human reaction, as a thank you for the trust given to them by the guests, and Falkensteiner justified it. Also, it is important to emphasize the importance of the brand, which delivered what it promised. And that is the strongest currency and value.

Another proof that tourism is much more than an excel spreadsheet, and that tourism is people, emotions and experience. Bravo Falkensteiner.

Photo: Falkensteiner / Illustration: HrTurizam.hr

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