The FIJET Academy of young travel journalists was held in Tunis

Among this year's participants were journalists at the beginning of their careers, students and media entrepreneurs.


21. September 2023.

FIET (Federation internationale des journalistes et ecrivains du turisme - the oldest and largest professional association of travel journalists and writers about tourism) gathers every year a group of young people passionate about travel journalism and its ability to influence positive changes in tourism. 

Among this year's participants were journalists at the beginning of their careers, students, media entrepreneurs who started to deal with internet marketing, branding, PR and media in tourism, young scientists and leaders of the tourism and media industry.

The decision to launch the FIJET Academy of Young Tourism Journalists was made by the FIJET presidency in 2006. Since 2010, the Federation annually gathers a group of young people passionate about journalism in tourism.

The interactive nature of FIJET makes the Academy an exciting opportunity for young journalists who are at the beginning of business challenges and for students, who come from various countries with the support of National Associations.

During a week at the Academy, along with lectures, the experiences of tourism journalists are shared, innovative ideas are shared and new business strategies are developed.

Held workshops, lectures, working visits...

This year's Academy was held in Tunis from September 3 to 9. The host was the president of Fijet, Tijani Haddad and FIJET Tunis, as sponsors and partners. It was a great privilege and honor for the young and future representatives of the tourism media to have a reception with the Minister of Tourism of Tunisia, Moez Belhcine, on which occasion they learned more about tourism in Tunisia.

During the Academy, which was held in the city of Tunis and Yasmine Hammamet, workshops and lectures, external field workshops, a working visit to the Yawhara FM TV and Radio Center, and trips to get to know the host country were held. A practical, interactive and interdisciplinary experience was created, which is always the focus of the FIJET Academy.

And this time it was confirmed by lecturers and members of the Academy Board. The participants were from the following countries: Croatia, Egypt, France, Morocco, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey. 

For the 17 participants of the Academy, the program was designed by Tijani Haddad, president of Fijet, and Sema Kutlu, president of the Academy committee in coordination with the members of the Committee. The young participants had the opportunity to learn about the historical significance of Fijet, the vision and mission of the Federation, its goals and activities from Tijani Haddad, the president, and Salah Attia, the vice president. 

Professors, lecturers and presenters who are also members of the board consisting of: Sema Kutlu, Ludmila Novacka, Barbaros Kon, Petra Somek, Amelia Tomasevic and Gabriela Tigu, with their mentoring, lectures and workshops contributed to the success of this year's Academy, for which the president of the board received exceptional praise from all participants, and many have already published reports in their countries. 

Provision of additional education

Following all the reports, announcements, photos, it was obvious that they were outstanding participants with a lot of potential and creativity, with their support in promoting the Fijet Academy as a Fijet mission and vision in the future.

Participants from Croatia were Ema Čanković and Krešimir Frankić. After finishing their studies, they devoted themselves to tourism and media promotion. Ema Čanković recently attended the Academy of Internet Marketing and Branding, with the plan to soon operate in the media through her own portal or website.

Ema Čanković already attended the FIJET Academy in Izmir in 2018 during her studies at the University of Rijeka where she was chosen to attend the Academy. 

For many years, the association cooperates in the selection of students with the University of Rijeka and Zadar and the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. Further cooperation with other Universities that have media and tourism studies as part of their study program is planned.

By participating in this project, Fijeta Udruga has provided additional education for young journalists and students about tourism, who will decide professionally in various communication channels. After attending the Academy, Ivan Dodig, Ema Čanković and Ema Petaković continued their membership in the Association.

"We thank all participants, and especially our representatives, for participating in this year's Academy. We are proud of the contribution of our Association to the success of the Academy, as well as all previous participants, in the belief that their participation in the Academy helped them in their future business challenges", ordered are from FIJET.

Photo: Participants of the Academy / FIJET


21. September 2023.