Synergy at last! Five Slavonian counties signed an Agreement on Joint Cooperation

The agreement on cooperation between the five Slavonian counties, which is the basis for joint participation in the preparation and implementation of development projects in eastern Croatia, was signed yesterday in Osijek-Baranja County. It took more ...

The agreement on cooperation between the five Slavonian counties, which is the basis for joint participation in the preparation and implementation of development projects in eastern Croatia, was signed yesterday in Osijek-Baranja County.

It took more than 20 years to finally understand that only through synergy can Slavonia grow and develop. Better late than never, and it's never too late. Because those who are proactive, creative, innovative and those who want and engage develop market development.

Osijek-Baranja County, as the seat of scientific, economic, cultural and numerous other institutions in eastern Croatia, is a leader in the development of eastern Croatia, and the initiative on joint action towards state, European and other sources of funding Požega-Slavonia, Brod-Posavina, Virovitica-Podravina and Vukovar-Srijem counties.

"We want to act and work synergistically as a region and thus act both towards the Government of the Republic of Croatia and towards the European institutions through the office in Brussels. This will strengthen our status, our lobbying and influence at the European Commission as a region, but also before the Government of the Republic of Croatia.”Said Osijek-Baranja County Prefect Ivan Anušić.

Photo: Osijek-Baranja County

He emphasized that the five Slavonian counties are still together in the statistical region, NUTS II with the city of Zagreb. “I will remind you that the City of Zagreb is at 125% of the EU development average, so it is more developed than the EU average. With our counties and fiscal potential, we are definitely below the EU level and of course in this way we are artificially, on paper, equally developed as Zagreb, which prevents us from quality development of EU projects, because we have a very high percentage of project co-financing. In the future, the new statistical region will consist of our counties without the City of Zagreb, as is the practice everywhere in Europe where the capitals, large cities are separate regions, not including rural parts. This is the first step in that direction and I am sure that we will do a great job for all five of our counties, as well as for Croatia as a whole. ”Pointed out after the signing of the Agreement the prefect Anušić.

This Agreement also created preconditions for the joint performance of five Slavonian counties in Brussels through the office of the Public Institution of the Osijek-Baranja County Development Agency in Brussels, the realization of which is expected during the next year.

Days of tourism for the second year in Slavonia 

They are listed as one of the first joint projects Croatian Tourism Days 2019 in Slavonia where through joint cooperation they will show the tourist potentials of eastern Croatia, which can be domestic, but also European and world tourist brand.

Synergy was one of the main goals of the initiative to hold the Days of Croatian Tourism in Slavonia. First of all, it was necessary for the whole of Slavonia to start branding as one tourist brand - Slavonia, which is currently being worked on. In order to achieve this, a synergy of all tourist boards and participants is needed, as well as a joint development and promotion plan. The second is to define a common tourist offer and attractions, as well as to be accessible through one platform. Then come the travel agencies that have not been to the destination so far, and it is they who sell tourist packages and bring tourists. That is why, as part of the #DHTSlavonia initiative, communication was initiated with UHPA to hold UHPA Days in Slavonia, which is also confirmed.

Thus, the whole of Slavonia will have the opportunity to present its tourist offer to travel agencies and meet agents and representatives of travel agencies directly on the spot. When everything is arranged and defined, then the celebration of the Croatian Tourism Day itself comes as the icing on the cake and as an excellent free marketing campaign.

DHT in Slavonia will be the best marketing campaign in history 

DHT in Slavonia will generate thousands of journalistic articles (millions of media values) both before, during and after the event. It is an opportunity to tell and present a positive story from Slavonia, an opportunity to present the whole destination, an opportunity to delight the participants of DHT, an opportunity for them to become ambassadors of the destination.

Thus, 2019 will certainly be a great positive turning point for Slavonia, since the UHPA Days and the Days of Croatian Tourism (Vinkovci, Osijek) will be held in Slavonia. I sincerely hope that this will be a positive moment that will wake up and startle all tourism workers, and that the destination will know how to use it in the long run, and not just once.

Synergy is key, as well as not just leaving everything on paper. Slavonia does not have time to wait for the next ten years for some things to move for the better. Slavonia does not need help, but market and strategic development. And tourism is exactly the opportunity that Slavonia must seize because of its incredible potential.





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