The Financial Times included Hrvatski Telekom and Valamar on the list of European climate leaders


25. May 2022.

Based on extensive research, the Financial Times and Statisticians have published list of European climate leaders which they chose from the total this year 4000 companies from 33 European countries, and according to the success of their ESG strategies and activities in the field of environmental protection, social engagement and management methods.

Two Croatian companies, Hrvatski Telekom and Valamar Riviera, are also on the prestigious list of European climate leaders for 2022. This is a great recognition of the continuous efforts and investments of both companies in environmental protection, social impact and excellence in corporate governance (ESG).

This year, the criteria for companies have been further tightened, and the two key criteria are the overall reduction in the amount of basic greenhouse gas emissions in business in the period from 2015 to 2020, and the reduction in these emissions expressed through the ratio of greenhouse gas emissions and revenues.

In the mentioned period, Hrvatski Telekom reduced its total greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 68,5%, which is the third best achievement in the entire European telecommunications industry in the observed period. In the same period, it reduced CO emissions2 for almost 33 tons.

Valamar Riviera has reduced the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions per night in the same period by as much as 70% and is one of only six companies from the tourism sector on the list. According to the criterion of reducing the total basic greenhouse gas emissions, both domestic companies are at the top of the scale. For example, according to this indicator, only four companies on the entire list are better than Valamar Riviera.

"We have been using renewable electricity for years, and due to the 2021% transition to renewable electricity in 40.000 alone, we have not released more than XNUMX tons of CO into the air.2. Our goal is to contribute to a more sustainable future in which the smart solutions and infrastructure we build enable others to manage resources more efficiently, and to do business and live more sustainably in smart cities. ", she stated Marijana Bacic, Vice President for Corporate Sales and ICT Services of Hrvatski Telekom.

"Tourism in Croatia can realize its full potential exclusively on the principles of sustainable development. For years, Valamar has been paying great attention to environmental protection and natural resources, developing the quality of accommodation, destinations and tourist infrastructure, investing in high added value of products and services. long-term attractive careers in tourism Valamar has transferred its responsibility for sustainable development to numerous projects that have yielded excellent results not only in significantly reducing carbon footprint but also in developing our destinations and adding value to other stakeholders. Valamar's path to more sustainable tourism ", said a member of the Management Board of Valamar Riviera Ivana Budin Arhanić.

Ivana Budin and Marijana Bacic
Ivana Vučić (Valamar) and Marijana Bačić (Hrvatski Telekom)

Valamar Riviera is a leader in innovative holiday tourism management and a destination partner that continuously creates new value through responsible and sustainable tourism business. As the largest investor in tourism in Croatia, Valamar has so far invested over HRK 6 billion in portfolio development and quality improvement, with investments in sustainable development programs since 2015 reaching almost HRK 500 million, or over 4% of revenues.

In 2021, the most ambitious one was put into operation solar power plant project on the Croatian market, realized by Valamar and E.ON Solar, thanks to which Valamar produces up to six percent of all electricity through photovoltaic cells. Valamar uses 78% of food and beverages from domestic production, and this year opens the doors of the first sustainable eco-resort in Croatia, Valamar Amicor Green Resort on Hvar. Valamar is the holder of numerous awards and certificates for quality and environmental protection.

Hrvatski Telekom is the largest investor in digital infrastructure in Croatia, as evidenced by more than 10 billion kuna of investments in the past few years, which is a great contribution to the economy, but also an incentive for digitalization and development of society as a whole. Recognition by the Financial Times is a great recognition for HT's quality corporate governance, implementation of sustainable development strategy, continuous investment, development of highly efficient infrastructure and introduction of modern ICT services and innovative network solutions based on which HT positively contributes to environmental protection and more efficient use of natural resources. resources.

Along with digitalization, sustainable business (ESG) is the leading trend in the corporate sector, so the inclusion of domestic companies on the list of climate leaders further strengthens Croatia's position in European and global business. 


25. May 2022.