FITUR will once again bring together tourism professionals from around the world

The FITUR International Tourism Fair will be held in Madrid from 19 to 23 May. It is significant that this was the last global tourism fair that was in one place ...

International tourist fair FITUR, will be held in Madrid of 19. to 23. May. Significantly, it was the last global tourism fair to bring participants together in one place before the coronavirus pandemic. Namely, it was followed by cancellations or fairs moved to the virtual, online world. With the advent of vaccines, ie an increasing number of vaccinated, the conditions for fairs are gathering again, where tourist workers from all over the world gather.

As it was the last, FITUR will also be the first tourism fair to return, sending a clear message of the tourism sector’s determination to launch safely and responsibly. Recall, FITUR is the largest Spanish tourism fair, which was visited by more than 200 thousand visitors, and on average about 10 thousand exhibitors from 165 countries.

This year's fair will continue FITUR's long-standing partnership with the United Nations Specialized Tourism Agency, which addresses the most pressing challenges currently facing the sector, while looking to the future and supporting tomorrow's tourism talent.

Sustainable development is taking the lead

The week starts with 25 winners on UNWTO SDG Global Startup Competition. Top entrepreneurs and innovators will be celebrated on Tuesday, May 18, at the Royal Theater in Spain. The hybrid event will celebrate the diversity of award-winning ideas for advancing sustainable development goals and the people behind them.

With the official opening of FITUR on Wednesday, May 19, the UNWTO will host an expert meeting on affordable tourism, which is a good practice in accessibility with special emphasis on tourism in rural and natural areas. Sustainability will be the focus of a meeting of associate members of the UNWTO on Friday, May 21, providing its members, from the private sector, local and regional governments and academia, with the opportunity to present their work and connect both personally and virtually.

On Thursday, the UNWTO will, in the FITUR Talent program, highlight the increasingly important role that innovation can play in providing tourism education and training for all. Similarly exploring the potential of technology to create opportunities, this time for destinations, the Tourism and Cinema Roundtable, UNWTO and Netflix will come together to assess the role that TV and film can play in promoting locations and experiences.

Source: UNWTO

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