Flix opens the India market, one of the largest bus markets in the world

Since the founding of the company in 2013, Flix has transported close to 300 million passengers worldwide.

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27. May 2023.

After successfully developing its services in Europe, America and Turkey, Flix now aims to bring its business model to one of the largest bus markets in the world. 

Namely, Flix has announced plans to expand its business FlixBus u India, and the first intercity green lines should be launched in 2024.

To fulfill its long-term vision, Flix plans to continue its path of strong growth, with the next milestones being the launch of FlixBus operations in Chile in the second half of 2023 and India in 2024. With buses forming the backbone of transport to India and a market larger than Europe, Turkey and North America together, Flix sees huge potential for growth in this region, providing affordable, sustainable and safe bus services over long distances.

"Flix is ​​a growing company and will continue to expand globally. I am excited to share that India will join the Flix network as the 42nd country in the world. Our mission is to offer affordable and sustainable travel options for all and we see significant demand for such services in India. We are confident that our unique business model for working with small and medium-sized local bus partners and our technology for planning, booking operations and pricing will be a winning match in India as well. With our strong focus on standardization and safety, we will build the most competitive bus network in this region. We are ready to invest significantly in the local market, create jobs and aim for market leadership." He said André Schwammlein, co-founder and CEO of Flix.

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Photo: Andre Schwaemmlein, founder and CEO of Flix

One standard at the global level

Flix's scalable business model has been successful in 40 countries on four continents. India's growing demand for sustainable and secure collective travel options, with online travel booking systems on the rise, has been identified as a key driver for Flix's success in the market.

Encouraging the digitization of the traditional bus industry through technology powered by Flix, FlixBus guarantees the same quality of service on every vehicle in the fleet, providing a high level of safety and a convenient travel experience.

The average age of buses in the global Flix fleet is estimated to be 4-5 years, and green bus passengers enjoy free Wi-Fi, comfortable seats with plenty of legroom, air conditioning, power outlets, and overall cleanliness and safety. In most countries, FlixBus also offers a seat reservation system, which is planned to be launched in all FlixBus markets.

Sustainability as an imperative 

As a leader in the testing of long-distance alternative drives, such as biogas, electric or solar panel buses, and with a progressive climate strategy that includes development projects for electric and hydrogen buses, Flix pursues its long-term goal of a complete decarbonization of the travel offer.

"India is committed to alternative drives and is accelerating towards a future where collective transport will be electric. This gives Flix the opportunity to be a key local player in developing a sustainable travel industry, establishing infrastructure and further development in this area" concludes André Schwämmlein.

By entering the Indian market, Flix wants to create a significant number of jobs and contribute to the economic growth of the entire country, and the company's business model is the main catalyst for this goal. While Flix handles technology, customer service, quality management, network planning, as well as marketing and sales, trusted local Flix partners handle day-to-day operations and driver management. With this business model and the Flix global network, the local economy benefits not only from the development of local companies and new jobs, but also from increased tourism and tax revenues.

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The company has already initiated the process of forming a local team in India and has appointed Surya Khuran as the country's CEO, who has extensive experience in the mobility industry. In the coming months, Khurana and the local team, based in Delhi, will be looking for more motivated employees, as well as local bus partners, to establish Flix as a leading player in the Indian market.

Flix operates in 40 countries, including Croatia, serving a total of more than 5500 destinations worldwide and employs more than 5000 people of more than 90 nationalities worldwide.

2022 was the most successful year in the history of Flix, achieving global revenue of more than 1,5 billion EUR, positive EBITDA as well as over 60 million passengers using Flix services with FlixBus, FlixTrain, Greyhound in North America and Kamil Koç to Turkey.

Since the founding of the company in 2013, Flix has transported close to 300 million passengers worldwide.

Photo: Flix

Author  HrTurizam.hr

27. May 2023.