FlixBus connects Zagreb with Budapest again

FlixBus, a synonym for bus travel, thanks to the good mutual cooperation between Croatia and Hungary and the favorable epidemiological situation, is re-establishing an international bus line connecting Zagreb with Budapest and Siófok after ...

FlixBus, synonymous with bus travel, thanks to good mutual cooperation between Croatia and Hungary and a favorable epidemiological situation, re-establishes an international bus line thus connecting Zagreb with Budapest and Siófok after more than a year of dormancy.

As of June 11th, FlixBus passengers as well as tourists from Hungary will be able to travel 3 times a day to Croatia, ie the capital Zagreb, from where the journey can continue towards the previously opened lines in the direction of Dalmatia, Istria or Slavonia.

˝Due to our flexible business model, we manage to reopen bus lines according to demand, and given that the summer season is just around the corner, it is important to create an offer and enable the arrival of tourists in Croatia. Good transport connections are crucial at the moment for the upcoming season" he said Ante Grbeša, director of FlixBus CEE South region.

FlixBus is launching all international lines this year

Given the optimistic epidemiological picture, FlixBus is launching all the international lines it operated on in 2019 this year. In May, Zagreb connected with Belgrade after a full year of dormancy and strengthened regular connections with Austria, Germany and Italy.

˝We regularly adjust our departures to the current epidemiological situation in Europe and re-establish bus connections with new destinations depending on the development of the further situation and market demand. The current epidemiological picture gives us hope for a successful season ahead”Concluded Grbeša.

This season, FlixBus plans to more strongly connect Croatia with 50 destinations in eight countries, which are also key emitting markets for Croatia - Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia.

Find out key information about the Hungarian market in podcast SEASON2021 from the director of the CNTB office in Hungary, Ivana Herceg.

/ / / Podcast SEASON2021: Ivana Herceg Director of the CNTB Representation from Hungary - profile of the Hungarian market

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