The French Le Monde published an article about the beauties of Central Dalmatia

In its digital edition, the renowned French media Le Monde published a carrousel article about Central Dalmatia and the most beautiful destinations within the county.


12. April 2024.

The renowned French media Le Monde published in its digital edition carrousel article about Central Dalmatia and the most beautiful destinations within the county. Split is presented in the article as a picturesque historical city with charming stone streets and architecture, as well as an abundance of cultural attractions.

In Diocletian's Palace, the Peristyle is mentioned as the most beautiful city square, while Marmontova Street is also mentioned, emphasizing the connection with France in history. Visitors are also encouraged to try the local gastronomic offer as part of which the concept of brunch and its cultural significance for Dalmatia and Split are emphasized. 

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Furthermore, it is recommended as one of the excellent vacation options in Central Dalmatia sailing on the central Dalmatian islands, Brač, Hvar and Vis. It should also be emphasized that Le Monde has a reputation as one of the highest quality French media, which on a monthly basis records approx 19 million readers on the portal.

By the way, it is part of the intensive marketing campaign that the Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board conducts in the pre-season period on its broadcasting markets.

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As part of the campaign, TZ SDŽ established cooperation with numerous foreign media companies in order to increase the visibility of the destination and present the highest quality and most attractive tourist offer.

In addition to France, this campaign covers the markets of Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and Poland.

The campaign will be implemented until the end of June, and all marketing activities will be carried out on leading media portals and digital channels. 

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12. April 2024.