From 01 July, "covid passports" at EU level

The EU Parliament has stepped up legislative steps to ensure free movement during the COVID-19 pandemic. The agreement with the Council came two months after the Commission presented the proposal, so the rules would be on ...

The EU Parliament is accelerated legislative steps to ensure free movement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Agreement with the Council followed two months after the Commission presented the proposal, so that the rules would be in force before the start of the summer season.

The certificate, which will be free of charge, and can be digitized or paper-based, proves that the carrier has been vaccinated, has recovered from an illness, or has recently passed a negative test. The common framework will allow all EU Member States to issue certificates that will be interoperable, compatible, secure and verifiable throughout the Union.

During the debate on Tuesday (June 08.06), MPs are expected to reiterate the need for accessible and affordable testing. It will also emphasize that Member States should not impose additional travel restrictions on certificate holders, such as quarantine, self-isolation or testing, unless justified by public health needs, and will call for the rapid introduction of the system.

The vote on the bills will take place on Tuesday, and the results will be announced on Wednesday morning. Once the regulations have been adopted in plenary, the Council will have to formally adopt them and publish them in the Official Journal before they come into force on 01 July.

Croatia was the first to introduce covid passports

Croatia was the first to implement covid passports, and over 40.000 have been issued so far. At the border crossings, everything works great, so there are no delays due to checking them. Also, foreign tourists are still recommended to fill in the form, ie registration via the Enter Croatia page, in order to cross the border faster, and on which there is a special marked yellow bar for guests who have registered via Enter Croatia.



EU digital COVID certificates available through the e-Citizens portal

Citizens of the Republic of Croatia and those who have appropriate credentials for access to the system, whose data on vaccination, negative test for SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 disease are entered in the central databases of the Ministry of Health, can request their EU through the e-Citizens portal digital COVID certificate.

The system is accessed with level 2 credentials - significant security levels or level 3 credentials - high security levels and no additional data and documentation is required. The system retrieves user data from the databases of the Ministry of Health and the confirmation is generated by clicking on the option "Request confirmation".

The confirmation that citizens download via the e-Citizens portal can be saved on a computer, printed out or sent by e-mail to an e-mail address.

More information on EU digital COVID certificates in the Republic of Croatia can be found on the public information website:

Over 60 percent of tourist workers in Croatia have been vaccinated
As far as the vaccination of tourist workers is concerned, Minister Brnjac pointed out for RTL Danas yesterday that we have very good numbers - over 60 percent of all workers have been vaccinated. She also reminded that she had talked with the Austrian Minister of Tourism about how to facilitate tourist movements, and that their decision to put us on the green list was made after that meeting 10 days earlier than expected.

Over 40 digital covid certificates have already been issued in Croatia, and Croatia is among the most advanced countries in the European Union in terms of technical solutions.

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