Good Food Festival as a lure for the arrival of Swedish tourists in Dubrovnik

Announcements in the Swedish media after the presentation in Stockholm

Immediately after the lunch for Swedish journalists in Stockholm on April 12, organized by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the CNTB Representation for Scandinavia, the first texts i publications na web portals, journalists who attended the Dalmatian lunch and expressed their impressions through texts and photographs. The spotlight was successful Good Food Festival Dubrovnik, whose third edition awaits us from October 20 to 23, 2016.

Given the announcements in the Swedish media so far, the upcoming visit of the renowned editor of the most prestigious Swedish travel magazine "RES" Kaise Beusan and the expected report in SAS Inflight magazine, May issue, we believe that visitors from Sweden will express interest in visiting Dubrovnik in autumn during the gastronomic event Good Food Festival.


Photo: Dubrovnik Tourist Board

For the end of October, when the weather in Dubrovnik is very pleasant and warm, Swedes can take advantage of direct flights, and in just 3 hours travel from the far north to southern Europe and enjoy the richness of typical aromas and flavors, traditional and modern gastronomy. presents at the Good Food Festival.

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