The Green Sail organization became a semi-finalist of the 2019 European Social Innovation Competition

Green Sail organization from Split, an initiative that encourages environmental practices within the nautical sector, has become one of the 30 semifinalists of the European Social Innovation Competition 2019, selected from over 500 applicants ...

The Green Sail organization from Split, an initiative that encourages environmental practices within the nautical sector, has become one of the 30 semi-finalists of the 2019 European Social Innovation Competition, selected from over 500 registered candidates from across Europe. 

The theme of this year's competition solving the problem of plastic waste, and ideas and projects are sought in which plastic waste is reduced by introducing systematic changes at the local, national and European level. The purpose of the 2019 European Social Innovation Call is to support ideas and projects that reduce plastic waste and waste by changing or improving existing processes or introducing entirely new products and launching new initiatives. 

Green Sail was one of 30 projects from 19 countries selected for the next round of competition out of a total of 543 ideas submitted from across Europe, which encourage the solution to the growing problem of plastic waste. The reported projects cover a wide range of solutions, from improving supply chains to changing the behavior of consumers themselves.

The innovative idea of ​​the Green Sail organization includes an educational program to reduce the amount of plastic waste within the nautical industry in other European countries, according to the model that the organization is already successfully implementing in Croatia. The idea of ​​the Green Sail project is to gradually develop plastic waste reduction and recycling programs in charter companies and marinas in other European countries with developed nautical industries: Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal and France. 

The introduction of the Green Sail program in international charters and marinas will try to solve this problem in countries other than Croatia. What Green Sail expects as a semifinalist is attending a reputable one Academy of Social Innovation in Turin - an intensive three-day event where participants are trained by experienced social innovators and given the opportunity to develop their ideas into sustainable business projects. 

In addition to the Academy, the semi-finalists receive the personal support of a local mentor with whose help they prepare for the next phase of the competition where they submit their extensive development plans to an independent committee. The commission will then select ten finalists and only three winners, each of whom will receive 50.000 euros.



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