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This is how Terme Sveti Martin can be described, the leader of tourism and sustainable business in the northernmost region of Croatia. That they are truly serious in s...

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23. April 2024.

This is how I can describe myself Terme Sveti Martin, leader of tourism and sustainable way of doing business in the northernmost region of Croatia.

To show that they are truly serious about their efforts to preserve the environment, as part of Earth Day, Terme Sveti Martin joined the commendable project of the Tourist Board of Međimurje County called "With booze in green Međimurje".

It is about a more environmentally friendly arrival with a common "booze" from Zagreb and participation in a series of green actions, as well as exploring the greenest part of Croatia. With a traditional song and a Međimurje breakfast on the train, the time really went by quickly for all the volunteers on this trip.

After arriving in Međimurje, the volunteers were taken to different locations, one of which was precisely the Terme Sveti Martin. As a proof of their commitment to care for the environment, Terme presented to the volunteers for this event their unique workshop for making candles from waste oils from the kitchens and thus also showed at this step that special attention is paid to recycling in this resort. These candles are not only a symbol of sustainability, but also a tangible example of the resort's commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

What makes these candles stand out is their composition: they are made from waste oils collected from kitchens, turned into candles using soy wax and scented with organic essential oils. This innovative approach not only repurposes waste, but also promotes renewable resources, contributing to a cleaner and greener planet.

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These specially made candles will be donated to the Primary School in Sveti Martin na Mura, where they will be sold to raise funds for a charity to support abandoned dogs. In this way, a beautiful green story will be rounded off, because the good will of the volunteers will unite the local community and care for little four-legged friends, considering that the spas themselves are a pet friendly resort. 

Terma Sveti Martin's commitment to a sustainable way of doing business is already well known in the world of tourism, and they are often highlighted as an example of good practice. From the use of local ingredients in the preparation of delicious meals, which supports domestic and local suppliers as well as OPGs, to various innovative initiatives to preserve the environment, such as skipping maid service in order to preserve drinking water, Terme Sveti Martin prioritizes environmental protection at every step. responsibilities. By advocating and embracing sustainable practices, the resort not only reduces its carbon footprint, but also enriches the surrounding community.

Furthermore, Terme Sveti Martin proudly owns three prestigious certificates that confirm their commitment to sustainability: EU Ecolabel, making them the first hotel in Croatia to receive this recognition, Green Key and Good Travel. These certifications reflect the resort's ongoing efforts to reduce its impact on the environment and provide guests with an environmentally conscious experience while ensuring that the quality of service remains at a high level. 

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Joining the "With booze in green Međimurje" event, Terme Sveti Martin reaffirms its commitment to protecting the planet and promoting sustainability.

Through initiatives such as making candles from waste oils, recycling old materials, introducing an electric charging station for cars and bicycles, and constant efforts to support local businesses and reduce waste, the Terme Sveti Martin resort is a leading example in creating a more sustainable future for all.

Photo: Terme Sveti Martin

Author  HrTurizam.hr

23. April 2024.