A guide to equipping with high-quality equipment in tourism

Furnish your spaces efficiently with less worry

Author  HrTurizam Promo

30. March 2024.

Are you ready for the tourist season? Whether you are furnishing an apartment or want to make your work easier with quality products professional devices, it is the right time to take care of everything you will need.  

A lot of energy is spent looking at different models, comparing prices and thinking about trade-offs. One way is to take advantage of package offers or buy a larger number of devices from the same supplier. That way you can achieve significant discounts and savings. By choosing this approach, you relieve yourself of the burden of making many decisions and ensure that your money works for you.   

Furnishing is not only a matter of practicality, but also of aesthetics.

White goods and equipment are becoming increasingly important factors that contribute to the impression of the space and influence the experience of the guests. 

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Electrolux MyPRO offers a series of washing machines and dryers in two sizes (8 kg and 12 kg) that are specially designed for places where there is always work to be done. It will serve perfectly in restaurants, hotels of smaller capacity or laundries.  

They are distinguished by top capacity, endurance i speed, and the use can be paid with tokens and a card if it is about self-service arrangement. In addition, the ironing rollers that arethey guarantee outstanding productivity and flexibility excellent i quick results.

What is certainly the biggest plus is the reasonable price at which each of these devices comes. 

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Rollman ironing roller is another efficient solution for ironing in tourist facilities. Successfully satisfies professional needs hotel and apartment accommodation as well as restaurants and spa centers.

Sparingly it uses electricity and, in addition to its exceptional speed, guarantees more comfortable handling - 15 kg of laundry can be ironed in just 45 minutes.   

Time is always lacking in summer, save yourself ironing time with an excellent ironing roller. Of course, the device fully satisfies EU standards and owns CE certificate. 

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EasyBe washing machine Token dishware for campsites and marinas offers a unique dishwashing service that is available in 14 European countries in more than 120 campsites. This innovative service allows camp guests to wash and dry dishes in just 5 minutes, eliminating the need for hand washing. The goal of this approach is to provide sustainable business camps in order to increased profits and guest satisfaction. This sustainable service brings happiness and comfort to camp guests while saving time, water and energy. 

U eHome- in emphasize a large selection of products from the world's leading brands. Fast and safe deliveries and guaranteed quality are key aspects of their service. Their special department offers professional devices for business premises such as laundries, hotels and restaurants, in addition to providing the best sales and after-sales services 

As an additional benefit, they offer a delivery service including installation of the device in the area of ​​Zagreb and its surroundings. Also, they ensured the right of priority in case of any future service requests, both during the warranty period and outside the warranty period. 

Through its offering, eHome supports various segments of the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, laundries, campsites and marinas. The company stands out for fast and safe deliveries and guaranteed product quality, which is crucial for businesses that rely on the efficient functioning of equipment. 

If you also want to manage your company more efficiently, discover how to improve your business premises with the latest industrial white goods.

Contact eHome today, and you can also visit their showroom at Vrbanjska Street 1 in Zagreb. 

Author  HrTurizam Promo

30. March 2024.