HAC launched an application on traffic conditions in real time


Author  HrTurizam.hr

23. May 2024.

Today, the "Crocodile 3 Croatia" project and the LiveTrafficHR mobile application were presented in the organization of Croatian Highways. 

Information about the traffic situation is important for every driver on his journey to his destination. In order to achieve the best possible exchange of data and information in real time, the international project Crocodile 3 Croatia was launched. The project is co-financed by EU funds through the CEF Transport (Connecting Europe Facility) and includes seven member states of the European Union from Central and Eastern Europe or more precisely Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Cyprus and Croatia.

This project ensures the coordinated management and supervision of traffic and the improvement of the information system, which will provide passengers with high-quality data in real time along the entire highway network in the Republic of Croatia, according to HAC.

The project itself provided for cross-border cooperation and data exchange between neighboring countries, and given that the corridors include countries that have large cross-border traffic and use different languages, cooperation and information exchange is imperative.

Mobile application LiveTrafficHR for them facilitated the flow of important and relevant information to every driver and passenger, i.e. information about the real state of traffic on highways in the Republic of Croatia.

The LiveTrafficHR application enables the exchange of information between the user and the highway manager, registered users can participate in reporting events on the highway through the application, notifications about events on the highway from the highway manager, official information in real time - works, traffic accidents, objects on the road, working hours of gas stations stations, etc., travel planning in advance - information about announced works and the planned duration of works on the highway, traffic management with pre-defined and relevant detour routes for all or a specific group of vehicles, etc.

Introducing the mobile app, Davor Bicanić from HAC stated that their goal was not only to develop classic navigation, but they created a mobile application that combines data available to highway managers in Croatia. What this means is that the information in the application about the state of the roads in addition to the HAC and the data of Bina Istra and the Zagreb - Macelj highway.

"The project represents the cooperation of the public administration, highway and state road managers, and traffic service providers. The result is a high-quality service for travelers on one of the most important road corridors in Europe," said the director of the Department for European Funds and International Cooperation of HAC Marina Painter.

Information that serves traffic safety to drivers is shared in real time. In addition, drivers can plan their journey and know where they are at any time, while in the event of an accident or bad weather conditions, they will be shown a detour route. The application will, also in real time, inform about all road works, meteorological conditions and the complete condition of Croatian highways.  

The LiveTrafficHR application is available in the Google and Apple stores.


Author  HrTurizam.hr

23. May 2024.