The catalog of holders of the standard "Holiday houses with a story" in Varaždin County was presented

Yesterday, the unique catalog of the holder of the standard "Holiday houses with a story" in Varaždin County was officially presented to the public. It is about branding rural and indigenous accommodation aimed at ...

Yesterday, the unique catalog of the holder of the standard "Holiday houses with a story" in Varaždin County was officially presented to the public.

It is about branding rural and indigenous accommodation, which aims to introduce domestic and foreign tourists with everything that Varaždin County offers and a new form of promotion of the county tourist project "Holiday homes with a story."

After two rounds of strict certification, out of 60 holiday homes in Varaždin County, in this project, ending in 2019, a total of 34 buildings with 151 beds.

"This is a project we launched with the aim of raising the tourist offer of Varaždin County. This is a truly original, autochthonous story, initiated by the Varaždin County and the County Tourist Board with the idea that we present all the best from our county in holiday homes. For now, statistics show that most foreign tourists want to come to these houses. So, trends in tourism are changing a bit and it's not all "sea, crowds, beaches, highway crowds" anymore. People are crowded all year round in big cities, in the subways, in traffic and they just want peace and quiet, and that's what we offer them, in beautifully decorated facilities, with local food, with indigenous food, with our local indigenous events ” said Natalija Martinčević, chairwoman of the Varaždin County Tourist Board.

Prefect of Varaždin County Radimir Čačić during the presentation of the catalog "Holiday houses with a story" said that this is the highest quality segment of a small offer of facilities with three to eight beds in the beautiful hills of Varaždin County. He emphasized that this is the highest level of offer, which includes jacuzzis, swimming pools, saunas, and everything that today's highly demanding tourist is looking for.

“What we are especially pleased about is that today, after two years since the project was launched, we reach approximately 5 percent of the total capacity offered by the county with these exclusive facilities. We intend to raise this to at least 15 or 20 percent. These standard problems of Croatian tourism, which are often identified with the sea, with the Adriatic, are not present here in any way. " said Cacic, explaining that continental and Adriatic tourism are two different things with different guests. 

About 90 percent of tourists who come to "Holiday homes with a story" are Germans, Danes, Scandinavians, and on average stay a minimum of seven nights

The director of the Varaždin County Tourist Board Miran Bojanić Morandini pointed out that in the project "Holiday houses with a story" the desire of the county tourist board to gather, help and support private landlords, owners of these facilities, mostly in rural Varaždin County, on the other hand to hear and get feedback from tourists and all this together to adjust and give a broader context of destination management.

"The trend that has been shown to us in the last two or three years and is experiencing exponential growth are precisely the rural parts of continental Croatia that have so far been completely hidden from the public and are a new trend in Western Europe. As many as 90 percent of tourists who come to these houses are Germans, Danes, Scandinavians and what is perhaps most interesting for home renters themselves is that their average stay is a minimum of seven nights, most of them for 10 days or two weeks. Almost everyone comes back or spreads that story by word of mouth, so I hope that this story will be imposed in this very demanding market. " Morandini concluded.

Don't sell me accommodation, sell me a story - an authentic story 

The Tourist Board of Varaždin County has provided free "Holiday homes with a story" for all holders of the standard.Varaždin brush“Which currently contains Varaždin pumpkin oil, gingerbread, honey, buckwheat flour mills, lavender and eco-cosmetics, and tourist brochures with all relevant information. 

Also, it is important to emphasize that all the images of "Holiday house with a story" were made by a professional photographer, ie how it is a quality professional photography, which is imperative today and which should have long been the standard in tourism. The trilingual catalog of the Holiday Home with a story, in addition to numerous information about the facilities themselves, contains service information about Varaždin County, interesting facts, events and everything that you should visit and experience.


This should be the basis of any destination, if you are serious about tourism. 

Those who deal with market development, those who are proactive, innovative, creative and those who do not whine and do not adhere to the status quo grow and develop. The market is the best regulator and benchmark, whether you play the game or not. While others whine, stagnate, ie fail because the competition goes forward and a bigger and bigger jazz is created between the successful and the less successful.

Those who stagnate should definitely change their direction, starting with the people who lead or at least should lead the development of their destinations, because today in the 21st century where everything is available to us there is really no excuse for the status quo. It's up to the people. The only question is whether we want growth and development or not. The rest are empty stories.

In any case, this is an excellent completed project, which only now needs to be promoted and branded with quality. The Tourist Board of Varaždin County has so far made the biggest step forward in branding accommodation in continental tourism, which is a positive example of the direction in which it should be developed and how to directly raise the quality of accommodation.

Find out more about “Holiday Homes with a Story” HERE

Photo: Varaždin County Tourist Board

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