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The tourist boom in the city of Zagreb, which continues to break all tourist records from month to month, was also recognized by the private sector, which woke up and logically sees in tourism ...

The tourist boom in the city of Zagreb, which continues to break all tourist records from month to month, has been recognized by the private sector, which has woken up and logically sees its chance and interest in tourism - and that is earnings. More than 1,9 million overnight stays were realized in the city of Zagreb, and during Advnet I recorded a growth of 30 percent in arrivals and 40 percent more overnight stays.

Thus, we are witnessing that the offer of accommodation is expanding day by day, from accommodation in family accommodation to hostels and hotels. Namely, one of the bigger problems is the small number of accommodation capacities, especially hotel ones, and the announcements for opening new hotels in the center of Zagreb are spreading day by day. "According to our data, around 800 million euros should be invested in the tourism sector in Croatia next year, ie more than 40 new hotels should be opened. As a ministry, we will place a stronger emphasis on some of the key issues for both investment and season extension, such as the activation of health and continental tourism.“. announced Minister Ceppelli, adding that in 2017 he will initiate the activation of inactive state property and the reduction of bureaucratic barriers and parafiscal levies.


Photo: Hotel Academia

Hotel Academia was recently opened in the former Cascade shopping center in Tkalčićeva Street with four stars. Hotel Academia offers guests the opportunity to walk around the sights of the city because it is located in the pedestrian zone in Tkalčićeva Street, known for its many cafes, pubs and restaurants that work late into the night and its attractiveness attracts many tourists. The new four-star hotel offers 51 rooms and two suites, the facility is fully adapted for people with disabilities, and the hotel has a multipurpose hall for organizing small congresses and business meetings.

A hotel in Ilica 45, which is located on the site of the former public garage of Zagrebparking, is also under construction, as well as the hotel Le Premier on the corner of Trg žrtava fašizma and Boškovićeva ulica Gojko Ostojić. The Sheraton and Westin hotels have been renovated, and we are expecting new announcements from Adris, who, by taking over Croatia Osiguranje, has acquired valuable property on Ban Jelačić Square itself, more precisely between Trg and Praška, literally in the very center of Zagreb. As it is unofficially said in the tourist scene, the luxury hotel would cover 3200 square meters and would proudly carry five stars.

Also, a new hotel will be built in Maksimirska Street next to Maksimir Park, for which the company Papić gradnja doo recently announced a tender for the development of a conceptual design for a hotel project with accompanying facilities in Maksimirska 121.

Photo: Society of Architects Zagreb

Photo: Society of Architects Zagreb

During the deadline for downloading the tender documentation, 25 applications were received, and the first prize in the amount of HRK 66.000,00 net was awarded to the creative architectural team: Davor Prebeg, B.Sc.Arch., Zoran Bajić, B.Sc.Arch., Helena Ferkula, and Maja Škripelj, Out of a total of 2800 square meters with a total value of 40 million kuna, Hotel Maksimirska 121 will have four stars, fifty rooms and a conference hall. Construction is scheduled to begin in March or April next year.

Photo: Society of Architects Zagreb






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