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Hoteliers for seasonal workers want Slavonians the most

As the season gets closer and closer, preparations for it have already started a long time ago. Currently, hoteliers are focused on finding the highest quality catering workers, and as most tourism entrepreneurs ...

As the season gets closer and closer, preparations for it have already started a long time ago. Currently, hoteliers are focused on looking for the highest quality catering workers, and as most tourism entrepreneurs point out, the most valuable and best are in Slavonia. Hotel houses, due to the high demand for seasonal workers, have launched and published tenders on their websites, while some have come to Slavonia in person for the best possible selection.

A business fair was held in Vinkovci last week, which also included two hotel houses Laguna Poreč te Jadran dd from Crikvenica. Both companies are looking for the same profiles of seasonal workers, kitchen and restaurant staff and maids, and they unanimously claim that Slavonians are the most valuable and best workers.

Laguna Poreč  It employs an average of over 900 workers a year and in its accommodation facilities, can accommodate over 20 thousand guests a day, of which more than 8 thousand in hotels and apartments, and over 12 thousand in camps, which annually achieves over 2,3 million overnight stays. In addition to waiters, chefs are also looking for support staff or those staff who are not qualified catering workers. “We also need maids and maids who work as maids in the morning and as waitresses in a restaurant during dinner. We also employ about 50 gardeners, who usually start working at the earliest. For all other workers and functions where I do not need to employ a large number of people, we publish vacancies through our website and everyone can apply. In particular, we have a need for one person in charge as the animation leader " points out Goran Kukurin, head of the human resources department from Laguna Poreč.

Hotel company Jadran dd from Crikvenica has a total of 9 hotels and tourist resorts, over 1.250 rooms and 2.500 beds in solid buildings, and 2 camps with 1.700 seats. They also lack kitchen and restaurant staff and maids. "All these years we employ a large number of workers from the area of ​​Slavonia and I can say from experience that they are very good and hardworking workers." Marija Žarković-Turak, director of human resources from Jadran dd, points out and adds that obviously Slavonians are also satisfied with them because they are happy to return. This year, Jadran dd renovated two hotels and raised the categorization of hotels to 4 *, and the need for seasonal employees increased.


It is commendable that both hotel companies hold internal trainings for all new seasonal workers, especially those who have no experience. "Education is very important and we regularly educate both our permanent workers and permanent seasonal workers, so that when new inexperienced workers come, they also receive quality training.. „Pointed out Marija Žarković-Turak from Jadran dd

In Laguna Poreč, the training program for new workers consists of two parts, and they also have an internal waiter academy lasting two weeks. "After the process of selecting new staff, all those who do not have or have little experience, go through our internal education. The first training refers to the basics of spoken communication in Italian and German, a course in the profession where we educate them on the basics of setting tables, serving and certain soft skills. The second form of education refers to the basic jobs by which we introduce employees to work through getting to know the values ​​of our company, who are our guests and how to approach and communicate with guests.  Goran Kukurin pointed out and added that Laguna Poreč invests a lot in the education of all workers, both permanent and new.

According to the portal, in 2015 the most sought after were the waiters. In addition to the waiters who are by far the most lacking, chefs, kitchen helpers, pizza masters, receptionists, assistant chefs and maids are also in demand. The portal advises employers to start looking for staff as soon as possible, because it can happen that in the middle of the season it is a bit harder to reach employees, especially if it is about some more specific jobs, requirements or location.

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