How to reduce dependence on booking portals and keep the commission to yourself

This tourist season, of course, the question is how many will be tourist this year at all, but even if it is, it will be in a significantly reduced volume, it will be more important than ever ...

This tourist season, of course, the question is how many will be tourist this year, but even if it is, it will be in a significantly reduced volume, more than ever it will be important to make as much money as possible for each renter.

Currently the two leading booking portals for renters are simply too strong and the entire tourism sector has become too dependent on and Airbnb, while they on the other hand take high commissions. It is never good to depend too much on just one source of income / one partner, and thus only on one booking portal.

Although this topic was opened a year ago, due to the issue of commissions (large hotel chains have already started working on a different strategy), the current situation caused by coronavirus with reduced tourist activity, and therefore questionable, ie much lower earnings, raises the question: How to reduce dependence on booking portals and keep the commission to yourself?

The answer is logical: The focus must be on direct booking.

The first step is definitely to activate communication with previous and regular guests, as you have their contacts and try to bring them back this season. If of course they are planning a vacation and if you have met their expectations so far. Also, in this time of crisis, it is important to communicate. So I advise you to inform them about the news from Croatia, related to the situation with the coronavirus, as well as the measures that will be taken by you.

The second step is communication on your social networks, where through quality and interesting content, you can get the attention of a wider audience, and thus potential guests. Also, one of the good options is to record a video. The video format currently has a very good reach. When we talk about communication, be sure to remember that the motive for coming is not accommodation, but destination.

Start writing a blog. Especially in multiple languages, or at least in English as well as German (our main emitting market). That way you will have a wider audience i.e. reach. Of course, this is a long-term strategy, but in this case, where there will literally be a struggle for every guest, the worst thing is to just wait and not do everything you can.

Also, in order to reduce dependence on booking portals, I hope you have a website because it is imperative today, I definitely advise you to use Google advertising.

As I personally don’t have too much knowledge on the subject, so it would be frivolous of me to say anything on the subject, in the wilderness of the internet, I found a great free e-book on Google advertising.

The e-Book provides great helpful tips on Google AdWords campaigns, how to open an account, set it up, how to start your first campaign, and how to advertise a video on a YouTube channel - all on 57 pages. “Through the ebook you can learn about all the possibilities that Google advertising provides (Search, Display, Youtube) and everyone can learn how to start creating your first campaign. The ebook leads step by step - from the very beginning of creating an account, and is a good guide to start researching Google advertising and how you can improve your business"Points out Petar Bogdan from the Kontra agency.

This is definitely a great base to start with, so study and download the free e-book on Google advertising that you can download HERE

By the way, the Kontra agency has published more so far e-manual, who give useful tips on advertising and communication on Instagram and Facebook, and I definitely recommend that you follow their social networks and blogs where they are very proactive with various tips from the digital advertising segment.

Now is the time for education, so I recommend that you definitely take a look, if of course you are interested in long-term revenue growth, because digital marketing is unavoidable today.

Of course, as in everything, for more serious results and for larger campaigns, you definitely need more expert knowledge of people who specialize in digital marketing, such as the team from the agency Kontra, which I can certainly personally recommend. Also, in Croatia you have really high quality digital agencies, so do a little research.

Investing in marketing is not a cost, but an investment. So neither does investing in digital professionals, professional photographers, etc.… One who does not realize this will stagnate and others will grow. The market philosophy is very simple.

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