hrtourism espresso: Tomislav Kovačević, NP Plitvička jezera

hrturism espresso #7

Author  Goran Rihelj

13. April 2024.

After Denis Ivošević (TZ Istria County), Đura Tomljenović, Antonia Radić Brkan (City of Makarska), Jasmine Cvetković (Aurora Colapis), Milan Popović (TZG Umag), Ružica Vidaković (TZ Brodsko-Posavina County) loud espresso thinking about sustainable tourism brings us Tomislav Kovačević, director of the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

By the way, in the Plitvička jezera NP, they employ approx 1.200 employees, and they cooperate as many as 75 OPGs from the L areaike and surroundings within the Cluster Lika Destination and the best Croatian project of branding local products - Lika Quality.

Also, a restaurant within the NP Plitvička jezera - Lika house authentically revives the richness of the traditions of the Lika region, and is based on locally sourced ingredients, many of which are protected by the Lika Quality regional quality system mark, as products produced in the ecological oasis of Lika destination and verified traceability from family farm to table, authentically revives the rich tradition of the Lika region.

 We must strive for tourism, and not import basic foodstuffs from foreign markets. It is sustainable tourism. 

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/ / / A new way of preparing and making food was presented in the Lika House. As it should be - Lika in the foreground

In 30 seconds, while I make you an espresso, can you tell me what sustainable tourism is for you? Write what sustainable tourism is for you in the comments.

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Author  Goran Rihelj

13. April 2024.