ECTAA: A webinar on Croatia as a safe and attractive destination was held

The Croatian National Tourist Board and the European Association of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (ECTAA) held a joint webinar called Croatia Safe & Attractive, which included a panel discussion with ...

The Croatian National Tourist Board and the European Association of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (ECTAA) held a joint webinar called Croatia Safe & Attractive, as part of which a panel discussion was organized with a focus on activities carried out in order to position Croatia as an attractive and safe destination.

Along with the director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, the panel was attended by Bernard Zenzerović (UPUHH), Helmut Gschwentner (Travel Europe) and Boris Žgomba (UPA HGK).

The webinar was moderated by Jürgen Bachmann from the French Tour Operators Association, and at the very beginning of the webinar all participants had the opportunity to participate in a survey on the most important factors when traveling. According to the CNTB, the results of the survey showed how it is implementation of health and safety measures basic prerequisite when choosing a travel destination. The introductory part was followed by a panel discussion during which the participants showed what Croatia has done to safely welcome tourists and provide them with quality time on vacation while respecting all health and safety measures. 

On that occasion, the director Stanicic he commented on the project Safe Stay in Croatia, ie the security label and the campaign of the same name, adding that the CNTB will soon start implementing the main call campaign Trust me, I've been there. "A good epidemiological situation, along with clear protocols at the borders, vaccination of the tourism sector and the campaign, will ensure the visibility of Croatia on the international market as a safe destination, which is why we expect better tourism results this year compared to 2020.", he concluded Stanicic.  

NUTS 3 (20 counties and the city of Zagreb)

"In addition to all the activities that Croatia has undertaken in preparation for the tourist season, it is extremely important for us to provide tourists with accurate and quality information on the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Croatia, so we are strongly committed to collecting and interpreting epidemiological data . We believe that using NUTS 3 levels instead of NUTS 2 levels on the ReOPEN EU map would show information more accurately, and smaller areas with a good epidemiological situation would stand out better. Such an approach enables better travel planning and contributes to the acceleration of tourist movements and organized travel within the European Union. " Minister Brnjac said.    

Bernard Zenzerović commented on the security measures implemented in Croatian hotels, especially emphasizing high hygiene standards and digitalization. Helmut Gschwentner spoke about the needs of passengers and potential risks during the trip, and Boris Žgomba pointed out that he believes that the built-in safety standards will result in greater tourist traffic in the coming period. The webinar was concluded by ECTAA President Pawel Niewiadomski, adding that, despite numerous challenges, he hopes to return to travel to beautiful Croatia.

Recall, based on the signed agreement between the CNTB and ECTAA, Croatia in 2021 has the status "Preferred Destination" of this umbrella European association of travel agencies and tour operators, whereby the two sides agreed on mutual active cooperation for the purpose of return and strengthening tourism in Croatia.

ECTAA brings together national associations of travel agencies and tour operators from 30 European countries, including 27 countries from the European Union, and represents about 70 travel agencies and tour operators in Europe, providing advisory services, transport, accommodation and other tourism services and activities.

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