HŽ: Special ticket prices to Rijeka, Zadar, Šibenik, Split and Pula

Croatian Railways Passenger Transport (HŽPP) has announced special prices for travel on direct routes from Zagreb to the coast. Prices are for one-way trips on direct routes in the 1st and ...

Croatian Railways Passenger Transport (HŽPP) has announced special prices for travel on direct relations from Zagreb to the coast.

Prices refer to one-way trips on direct routes in 1st and 2nd class passenger, high-speed and IR trains for which tickets are purchased at the box office and on the train. Also, as stated in HŽ, the prices of tickets purchased through online sales and applications for smartphones have been further reduced, and train tickets can also be purchased at Tisak kiosks.

  • Zagreb GK - Rijeka / Rijeka - Zagreb GK 65 kn
  • Zagreb GK - Zadar / Zadar - Zagreb GK 100 kn
  • Zagreb GK - Šibenik / Šibenik - Zagreb GK 100 kn
  • Zagreb GK - Split / Split - Zagreb GK 110 kn
  • Zagreb GK - Pula / Pula - Zagreb GK 80 kn

The offer is valid until June 30, 2021, and the return of partially or completely unused tickets is not possible.

2021 is the European Year of Railways

The European Commission's (EC) initiative highlights the benefits of rail as a sustainable, smart and safe means of transport. During 2021, various activities will bring rail to the forefront across the continent, encourage citizens and businesses to use rail, and contribute to the goal of the European Green Plan, according to which the EU should become climate neutral by 2050.

One of the key elements of the Plan is the introduction of cleaner and healthier means of transport, given that the transport sector is currently responsible for around 25% of EU greenhouse gas emissions. The European Green Plan calls for a 90% reduction in traffic emissions by 2050.

To achieve this goal and ensure that transport continues to play its role during the transition to a clean, digital and innovative EU economy, the EC adopted a Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy in December 2020. It paves the way for more sustainable, smarter and resilient mobility, and includes milestones towards doubling rail freight by 2050 and tripling high-speed rail connections by 2050. During 2021, the EC will present an action plan to strengthen rail passenger transport, which in accordance with the Strategy provides for measures to improve capacity and simplify the system of ticket sales for various modes of transport to further increase the attractiveness of rail.

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