They combined two festivals on Krk and achieved excellent results, even exceeding the record 2019 tourist year

In the past few days, everything in the city of Krk smelled of gastronomic specialties, and the sounds of good music, thanks ...


23. June 2022.

In recent days, everything in the city of Krk has smelled of gastronomic specialties, and the sounds of good music resounded in the famous locations of Krk, thanks to the combination of Krk Music Fest and Food Truck Festival.

It proved to be a well-conceived combination to attract many domestic and foreign tourists as both festivals were well received and visited.  

During the Krk Music Fest and Food Truck Festival alone, they achieved 60,000 overnight stays in the city of Krk, thus reaching a record tourist year, with Germans, Austrians and Slovenes leading the way. This is the result of merging two festivals, gastro and music, at the same time, which is another proof that quality content always attracts the audience. 

"In total, during these two festivals, we had 11,000 arrivals of our guests, who realized 60,000 overnight stays. That result is at the level of a record 2019 and as much as 75 percent better compared to the same period last year. We also managed to exceed 2019, if we look at June and data from the beginning of this year. Most overnight stays during the festival were realized by Germans, Austrians, Slovenes, local guests, Italians, Poles, Czechs and Hungarians. " she commented Ivana Kovačić, director of the Tourist Board of the City of Krk and added that all music events for visitors were free.

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On the occasion of the World Music Day, Krk Music Fest was opened by the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra, and Massimo, Mija Dimšić, Nera Stipičević, Hoodooleen, The Croatian Pink Floyd Show, Alba & Leo, klapa Vinčace and Joso Butorac also performed ... Ivona Brnelić organized a dance experience Musicool, with the musical culture of world hits of certain musical genres, and folklore societies with traditional Krk dances showed why their music is included in the UNESCO World Intangible Heritage List. 

As it is important to offer a good gastronomic choice with every good music, the entire Fisherman's Pier in the center of Krk has been turned into an urban picnic area, where there were six tricks during the Food Truck Festival, and famous chefs Ivan took care of their offer. Pažanin and Damir Tomljanović. 

"Behind us are the exciting eight days of the festival that we really enjoyed. I would like to thank the Tourist Board of the City of Krk and the City of Krk for the invitation to join the Krk Music Fest and to park our trucks in such a beautiful location. I believe that all those who visited us during the festival could find something delicious for themselves"concluded the organizer of the Food Truck Festival Vedran Babic. 

Content, content and only quality content. 

Photo: Krk Tourist Board


23. June 2022.