In Novalja, the reconstructed Primorska street and the fishing port were opened, new investments were announced


18. March 2024.

In the last three decades, Novalja has realized large infrastructural and economic projects. The opening of the reconstructed Primorska Street and the fishing harbor is only one part of the vision of the city authorities, a contribution to the efforts made to refine and improve the space for residents and tourists. One of the next planned projects is the construction of a market.

In the presence of the Vice-President of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković, the Minister of Agriculture Marija Vučković and other high-ranking guests, the ceremonial opening of the two aforementioned capital projects: reconstruction and extension of the fishing harbor and reconstruction of Primorska Street.

Works on Primorska street, worth almost 6 million euros, transformed the access road into a modern artery leading to the heart of Novalja and its renovated port, enabling easier and safer access for residents and visitors. communicated are from the city.

The project reduces traffic jams, compromised traffic safety and the load on the access road. It also reduces air pollution, environmental pollution and light pollution.

The cornerstone for the future of Novalja

Installing traffic signals adapted to people with reduced mobility increases their safety in traffic and makes movement easier.

By replacing the existing palm trees on Domagoj's coast and creating green islands in the area of ​​Primorska Street, natural biodiversity will be preserved and the negative impact of urbanization will be reduced. Traffic flow is improved by the reconstruction of parking lots that are used for coastal line traffic.

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The fishing harbor project, worth 4.766.831 euros, was completed in 2023, and the new infrastructure can now host 31 fishing vessels up to 20 meters in length, providing them with a safe haven and better conditions for landing their catch.


On the occasion of the opening, the mayor addressed those present Ivan Dabo and thanked all participants in the project, with special recognition to the Government of the Republic of Croatia, Minister Marija Vučković, Minister Oleg Butković, Lika-Senj County, and Prefect Ernest Petry, for their support and cooperation.

"These projects, which represent the cornerstone for the future of Novalja, are the result of close cooperation between the local government and the Government of the Republic of Croatia. With the support of EU funds, the City of Novalja focused its resources and energy on creating better conditions for the lives of its residents, and encouraging economic, fishing, maritime and agricultural development", said the mayor of Novalja.

Earlier on the same day, a working meeting was held in the City Administration with Minister Butković and colleagues and Minister Vučković and colleagues on the subject of future cooperation.

Fisherman's port

The project of reconstruction and extension of the northern breakwater, the fishing part of the harbor open to public traffic in the city of Novalja, was co-financed by the Ministry of Agriculture, the measure 'Fishing ports, landing places, fish exchanges and shelters'. Minister Marija Vuckovic she thanked those present for the invitation and for the well-prepared projects and cooperation.

Minister Butković, in his capacity as a representative of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, emphasized the importance of implementing such capital projects not only for the city of Novalja and Lika-Senj County, but also for the whole of Croatia.

Croatia has always faced the sea, and this fishing port is very important for all fishermen from the Northern Adriatic where they will have their landing place, said the minister.

With the port of Žigljen, these are big steps forward when we talk about traffic connections and the construction of port infrastructure, this is a kind of renaissance because we started a big cycle of building new breakwaters, port renovation, he pointed out.

Every year, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure allocates funds for projects of county port authorities and cities and municipalities, in the area of ​​all 7 coastal-island counties.

On this occasion, Minister Butković handed the contracts to the mayor of Novalja for the second phase of the construction of the promenade around Punta Vrtić. The Mayor of Senj, Jurica Tomljanović, was presented with funds for the renovation of the existing building and part of the surrounding area - Jablanac, Kupališta Banja. The Mayor of Karlobag Municipality, Boris Smojver, was handed the contract for the first phase of the rehabilitation of the hotel beach.

All contracts, which refer to the rehabilitation of maritime property in general use, are worth a total of 350 euros. 

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Photo: City of Novalja


18. March 2024.