Coronavirus testing for tourists possible in ACI marina Dubrovnik. The logical question is why not in all ACI marinas?

All tourists and guests in the ACI marina Dubrovnik will be able to be tested for coronavirus, reports the ACI. Testing will take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in several terms, ...

All tourists and guests in the ACI marina Dubrovnik will be able to be tested for coronavirus, reports the ACI.

Testing will take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in several terms, and in the ACI marina Dubrovnik will be conducted antigenic, rapid and PCR tests. With this move, the company ACI strives to enable a safe and carefree stay and return home to all its guests. 

Testing for coronavirus in the Dubrovnik ACI marina will be possible, with prior notice at the reception, every Friday from 18 to 20 hours, on Saturdays in the morning from 8 to 10 hours and in the afternoon from 16 to 18 hours, and on Sundays from 8 to 10 hours . If necessary, the mobile medical teams of the Marin Med Polyclinic will organize testing in other terms with mandatory prior notice. The results of the antigen tests will be known within 20 minutes, while the results of the PCR tests would be known by the end of the day on which the test was performed.

The company ACI says that it is necessary to provide the safest and most comfortable stay for all tourists in the Dubrovnik region, but also the rest of the coast. Therefore, they decided to join the Safe stay in Croatia project initiated by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia. Thus, the ACI marina Dubrovnik recognized the initiative of the tourism sector and as an important part of the ACI marina system provided an additional point for testing for coronavirus.

70% of ACI employees are vaccinated on the eve of the tourist season

Bearing in mind the importance of vaccinating tourism workers who are in direct contact with guests and the importance of the nautical segment for the entire tourism sector in Croatia, ACI decided to meet the needs of its employees. Thus, the employees of ACI marina Dubrovnik were among those who were vaccinated with the first dose of coronavirus vaccine.

"Since we expect a good response from guests in this tourist season, our absolute priority is that our employees, as well as guests, be as safe as possible since they are in direct contact. This makes all ACI marinas a safer place to relax and work. At the same time, we are sending a clear message, which is that, in addition to the health and safety of our guests, the safety of our employees is also important.", Says the President of the Management Board Kristijan Pavić. 

Finally, the question arises as to why testing is enabled only in ACI Dubrovnik, and not in all ACI marinas?

Consistent with the whole situation, it would only be natural and logical for all ACI marinas to provide testing points for boaters, not just one of a total of 22 ACI marinas. It is not necessary to further emphasize the current situation, the importance of nautical, as well as the instability from week to week. We need to be prepared for everything and have more scenarios. And not only through the form but also in the field and ensure the entire logistics as well as the operability of the entire system. The preparation of the tourist season started last year. 

We need to provide enough test points, ensure that they are able to receive hundreds of tests a day and that they can deliver them on time. This is the first prerequisite if we want to be open to tourists, of course with a favorable epidemiological situation.

ACI says that this example will soon be followed by other ACI marinas and that the basic duty of the company is to ensure the safest possible arrival, stay and return home of all guests, as well as the health of all employees.

"As before, our goal is to make ACI marinas safe places for guests to stay and rest, but also for the work of employees. The possibility of testing for coronavirus in the ACI marina Dubrovnik was provided in cooperation with a private local polyclinic. We are finalizing an agreement for guest testing services in several more of our marinas. Also, it is certain that in cooperation with the County Institutes of Public Health, we will have the opportunity to provide similar testing services. At the moment we do not have information about the marinas in question", State from ACI.

Late, we had a whole year to prepare for this year’s tourist season. Still, I hope that by the end of June, all marinas within ACI Maria will have the opportunity to be tested for coronavirus for tourists.

Photo: ACI

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